Our Story

Our story began back in the summer of 2014, where we by chance met at a mutual
friend’s birthday party. Never did we think that we’d stand any chance of
making our great impression on each other into any more than what it was on
that magical night, but we’re still here!

With Jessica from London and James just a few weeks away from moving to Sheffield
for university, it was potentially the worst time for us. That didn’t stop
James from planning a surprise visit to London shortly after, and despite it
raising a few eyebrows we made it official!

Sometimes, you just know.

We quickly came to realise that we were very different and led very different
lives until now, but one thing that brought us together was food! Always
looking to make the most of our time together due to distance, we always dined
out and tried to impress each other in the kitchen.

Jessica put together a visual diary of all the food we ate and slowly but surely, it
turned into Food & Baker! The name originated from the two things that
Jessica loves the most – food (which always comes first), and James Baker.

Another thing we both live for is travel!
In July of 2017 we took an extensive Interrail trip around Europe and that saw the birth of our dedicated travel section. We can’t wait to see what the world has in store for us in the future!

We are just a couple who enjoy the little things in life. From going out to eat to
taking adventures, we don’t claim to be anything we’re not and all our aim is
to share our times together will you all, hopefully inspire and show you that
anything is possible.