Event: FesTeaVal 2019

Coinciding with National Tea Day, we headed East to Tobacco Dock to celebrate all things tea. Festeaval was centred around “brew more, do more,” as we were completely educated on the health attributes of this classically British drink. From mobile massages, cycling and yoga, keeping active and refreshing the soul with alternative variants of tea was what this Sunday afternoon was all about.

Fes tea val at Tobacco Dock, 2019

Fes tea val at Tobacco Dock, 2019

National Tea Day is a movement to get more Brits to drink better tea. Whilst tea is the event’s major hero, it’s also about the food pairings, healthy tips and charitable causes which are supported by the brands and companies present at Festeaval. Talking of food pairings, our personal fave was Brioche Pasquier stall which not only left us with a week’s worth of breakfast but an abundance of ideas on how we can transform this staple cupboard item into something outrageously tasty. Whether it be with filled with cheese, fish, meats or various spreads, we learnt that there’s a lot more to just having it plain and simple… although that is still incredibly good too. Having it with a cuppa goes without saying.

Doughnut wall Fes tea val at Tobacco Dock, 2019

Asides from Brioche galore we were also encouraged to finally make the purchase of a Brita water filter. Any Northener who’s moved down to London will know that the tap water quality is much poorer and this is particularly noticeable when it comes through a kettle and used for tea or coffee. The magnesium in the hard water is fully visible, taking effect on the cleanliness of your beloved tea and making the cup harder to clean afterwards. This will no longer be a problem as the famous filter brand removes the risk of limescale, creating a clear and clean drink time after time. We tested this theory out by tasting apple and orange infused Brita filtered water which we could see from their display the drastic improvements made from ordinary tap water.

Vitalitea yoga Volvic infusions

Whilst learning a surprising amount about what is often dismissed as a one dimensional and simple drink was amazing, perhaps the best part was walking away with the goods to try everything out again at home. With walking away with samples from Volvic, Clipper and Oteas, we’ve been drinking everything from strawberries and cream, apple strudel and caramel, and detox morning/evening teas ever since. Our cupboards are packed with enough to last us months and with living in a shared house, requests have been flooding in from others wanting to test various bits out as well.

Volvic infusions Fes tea val at Tobacco Dock, 2019

We won’t lie, we’ve always been coffee drinkers more than tea in the past, but this may well shift in the coming days and weeks. We had a fantastic afternoon out at Festeaval, but we’ve now got ahead of many, many evenings to come of enjoying alternative and flavour packed drinks. We’re sure that the event will return this time next year and beyond, so put National Tea Day in your diary and make a trip down to the coming Festeavals. The free 5 minute massage was worth the trip across London in itself.

Fes tea val at Tobacco Dock, 2019

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Disclaimer: we were given complimentary tickets to Festeaval in exchange for a dedicated blog post and coverage across our social media channels. However and as always, all opinions and photos are our own.


  1. April 29, 2019 / 11:18 pm

    This sounds like a great event. I’m more of a coffee drinker too but I do like the variety you get in tea flavours. Totally relate to the awful water situation compared to the north. After 3 years at uni I still wasn’t used to the hard water! x


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