Review: Polish Village Meals

Pierogi z Miesem – Dumplings stuffed with pork and onions*

Pierogi z Kaputsa i Grzybami – Dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut and mushroom*

Pierogi Ruskie – Dumplings stuffed with potatoes and soft cheese*

A few weeks ago, we were offered the chance to try and review some Polish cuisine, following on from our first review with The Polish Bakery. How could we turn down this opportunity? And oh it did not disappoint.

On the packaging for the dumplings, there were three different ways to cook them. To create a fair review, we decided to go ahead and attempt all three ways to find out which gives the best results – out of boiling, frying and the microwave; we thought the best was frying.

All the flavours were so good, and as a lover of potatoes I thought my favourite would be that with the soft cheese, but the sauerkraut with mushroom ended up being our favourite.

Piers z Kurczaka w Pierzynce – Breaded chicken breast topped with mushroom and cheese*

We had received so much, probably a good 2-3 days worth of food. With it all being so good and fresh, we had to share with the family.

The breaded chicken was my sisters favourite, it was such a unique way of putting all these flavours and textures in one dish. The cheese made it seem like a pizza – although we felt to leave it in the microwave for a bit longer than suggested to soften the chicken a bit more.

Golabki – cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and pork*
Krokiety z serem typu greckiego i szpinakiem – pancake stuffed with spinach and cheese*
Krokiety z grzybami i serum – pancake stuffed with mushroom and cheese*
Krokiety meksykanskie – pancake stuffed with spicy chicken, chopped onion and vegetables*
Biggs – traditional Polish sauerkraut stew*
Kapusta zasmazana – sauteed cabbage*

Learning from the cooking techniques from the dumplings, we went straight in for frying the stuffed pancakes and we believe this would have been for the best outcome anyway.

Frying the pancakes gave it that crisp outside, which complimented the filling inside, especially with the one with cheese inside! Each all different to one another, with so much filling and flavour. They all complimented the sides of their traditional Polish sauerkraut stew and sauteed cabbage.

We enjoyed every single one in its own way, that we couldn’t give you a favourite – they were all just so tasty and different.

Ciasto Domowe Z Owocami – Homemade Fruit Cake*

As we always say there is always room for dessert, although we have to admit, it was the first thing we ate and honestly didn’t share with anyone else. I think from the fact that James ate half of this cake, it’s safe to say this was his favourite.

It was just so moist, not too sweet and excellent balance in flavour – perfect with a good cup of tea! We will most definitely be purchasing this cake, and as I write up this post, I can just imagine how good it would be with custard!

*PR sample, sent to us for review – all opinions are our own

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