Review: KETTLE® Chips – Chorizo. Feta & Olive

We are both big fans of chorizo, particularly in pizza
and pasta, and we have now had the opportunity to try it in something
completely different – crisps, which we all know is Jessica’s obsession.

Along with feta and olive, it is one of KETTLE® Chips*
newest flavours, limited edition in fact. 

We personally think they are a lot like the old smoky
bacon, but of course with the hand cooked quality that KETTLE® Chips* brings. 

I, James am not the biggest fan of extreme spice, and
these offer the perfect middle ground for people like me. People who don’t
like bland, and who also doesn’t like their mouths feeling like they could set

These blend the savoury moreishness of spicy chorizo, with the salty
tang of feta, and a touch of olive fruitiness. 
They would be absolutely perfect alongside some meat and salad at a summer
barbecue. Get yourself a couple of large bags of these and they are sure to go
down a treat!

Whilst the dynamic business world requires change to keep up with customer’s changing demands, crisps buck the trend as
the public are often afraid to stray away from the traditional cheese and
onion, or salt and vinegar. Despite brand’s attempts at the launch of new
flavours, people stick to what they know.

Can KETTLE® Chips* change this and keep chorizo, feta
and olive on supermarket shelves for the long haul? They are only available until September, but we certainly hope they
bring them back – we want them at our barbecues next summer!

*Contains PR samples – views and photos are our own

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  1. Lexi Life
    September 2, 2016 / 9:04 am

    Great little post, as always. So lucky to be sent these! I live off crisps & me and my boyfriend have shared a few share bags over the years. GIMMIE! xx

    • Food & Baker
      September 2, 2016 / 10:50 am

      CRISPS are THE BEST! No joke, we currently have two bags of these – 3 big packets of Tyrells and a bag of popcorn (from our recent trip to a foodies festival) and IM NOT SHARING MWAHAHAThank you for reading and commenting☺️💓

  2. Irene Thayer
    September 2, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice weekend:)irenethayer.com

    • Food & Baker
      September 6, 2016 / 12:23 pm

      Thank you ever so much!Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓

  3. Sunshine Sarah
    September 6, 2016 / 2:49 pm

    i love a good kettle chip they're a firm fave in my house altho we usually get the sea salt/black pepper ones! Would love to try these though they sound very yummy!!! Lovely review post guys, please keep them coming!LoveSarah xoxo

    • Food & Baker
      September 7, 2016 / 12:12 pm

      Such a good quality brand with a quality crunch – such great flavours for the summer!Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓

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