Restaurant: Cocotte, Westbourne Grove – London

Jessica – Capucine – Lettuce, croutons, Cesar sauce, Parmesan cheese – main £11with Truffle Mac n Cheese – £6

After an afternoon of being apart due to the pageant rehearsals, James met me after in Hyde Park, just simply to enjoy the sun that was left that day before heading out to find something to eat.

We don’t usually come to this area, but the last time we were here, we spotted this rotisserie which James wanted to go to, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to go (even though I was craving Chinese, but who was bothered to walk all the way back up to where we just came from)

So, I decided to settle for salad and Mac n Cheese – this is what I call a balanced diet haha so much cheese!

James – Quarter chicken with homemade garlic mayo – £8with Truffle Mac n Cheese – £6

I know what you’re thinking, there’s Nandos 2 roads down, could have gotten more for our money – NO, you don’t understand the moisture of this chicken, it was small but so good with flavour all throughout – no dry bit whatsoever! The homemade garlic mayo was a bonus and complimented the chicken very well.

James wasn’t as hungry to begin with, so I guess the portion size was just right for him – I didn’t realise that that big bowl of salad would fill me up that much, but I guess it was all the cheese from both the salad and mac n cheese but so so good!

As mentioned, we wasn’t that hungry to begin with but they had a nice small options for dessert, one of which is the Japanese dessert – Mochi, which we hope to come back to have!

Food: ★★★★

Customer service: ★★★★

Atmosphere: ★★★Toilets: ★★★



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