Our Week in Santa Susana, Spain (2015)

Day ONE:

Day one, literately start from midnight – if you followed our original posts you would know that we left straight away from an event Jessica helps organise.

We had to catch a coach to Stansted airport at 4.46 am from Baker Street, as our flight to Barcelona was at 8 something in the morning. Prior to landing, we then had to catch another coach from the airport to our hotel – little did we know that was another 2 hours.

Finally, arriving at our resort, we headed straight to our room, settled in, had a shower and finally put on a change of clothes and decided to take our first adventure our to the Santa Susanna Beach.

Day TWO:

As it being an all inclusive package, we of course made sure to get up in time for breakfast, although we were not too keen on their coffee, so we decided to get some while we were out.

Whenever we went out, we always made it back in time for lunch and dinner, in this case lunch, if we hadn’t already planned meals to eat our anyway – after lunch, we headed straight back out to the beach and ended up getting some dessert.
Just before dinner we wanted to shower and change from all the water and sand from the beach and played some pool after, I’m sure you can already guess who won haha


We planned this trip to Marineland after seeing it advertised in the reception of our resort and thought it was a good shout and indeed it was – lots of water slides, animals shows, sunbathing and swimming.

Luckily, with having booked it with our all inclusive resort, they provided the transportation and packed lunches, although we did buy some chips there.

We stayed until closing and took the last coach back, just in time to shower, change clothes and have dinner before heading straight back out for a walk and to find the caricature artist.


Since it was our anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast outside of the resort (okay we woke up super late and didn’t make it on time haha) and start our adventure to Barcelona!

Since we got a combo deal, which included the bus tours, that was of course the first thing we did – no time wasting as we only had planned just for one day there.

As we went around and around, we formed an appetite and got off at one of the shopping centres for some lunch. Of course, we couldn’t come to spain and not have a typical Spanish dessert, churros!

While we was on our tour bus, we stopped over at some places, which one was the Barcelona Football Club, which is where we got nice small beers before continuing our tour around! I believe we did two of the main tours which coevered pretty much the whole of Barcelona, we had so much fun we forgot to eat dinner (okay we had McDs but shhhhhhhhh)

To end our evening, when we came back into Santa Susanna, we found practically the only place left open for some last cocktails and take away pizza – just the way we like it.

Day FIVE:Our original plans for this day had been cancelled due to the weather, so instead we proceeded with getting our coffee, at what we ended up calling our regular place, to figure out what we could do for the day instead.

We found a few options, but we thought we would go for the dual bike, which didn’t take up as much time, but was a fun idea to do just before some souvenir shopping and heading back to the resort to grab some lunch.

After lunch, we obviously headed to the beach (aim was to tan!) and ended up getting one of those massages from whoever, sounds weird but so worth the money!

Day SIX:

Our last full day here! Oh how time has flow by, although plans were changed from yesterday, we were lucky enough to had been able to go on the Jet Boat that day. The boat took us around the north coast, which stopped along the way to pick up people and we were able to stop at the last stop, where we had lunch after climbing rocks and some type of mountain hill.

We then walked along the side roads, which led us to find a few local shops, including an ice cream shop, where of course we got ice cream and sat on the beach whilst waiting for the next boat back to Santa Susanna.

Once back at the resort, we had once again freshened up and changed before our last dinner meal and watched the last sunset of the holiday before playing a game of pool.


Honestly. you couldn’t even say this was a day – our flight was around 6 am, therefore we had to book our coach back to the airport for 2:50 am.

Once we got to the airport, we obviously checked in and used our last euros for some coffee and a bite to eat before heading onto the place, to take a nice nap before arriving back in Stansted, for yet again more coach travels.

You can watch our YouTube video of the little clips we managed to record (mostly from Marineland), also find below our overall judgement of our holiday.


Beach holiday –
Flight, hotel for 6 nights, all inclusive and including transfer – all for £560 for two. As a working/student couple, why would we complain? Baring in mind, we had already read some reviews about it and let me be honest, James is a hotel snob, so I was so worried! But in the end, you get for what you paid for. The room was standard, although, there was more beds than we needed.As far as I’m concerned, the entertainment was pretty standard for the cost of the resort to begin with. I don’t know why most people kicked up a fuss about the food (on trip advisor), it wasn’t 5 star but it also wasn’t the most terrible meals I’ve ever had.

There was karaoke one night, most nights there was a man with his piano, singing, there are entertainment reps who dance with the children, doing the Macarena etc and some nights they have a separate DJ outside on the terrace.

Room –

All together, we had 3 single beds, two pushed together and one on its own, separated with a bed side table. The beds were too close to the balcony door, it was a bit of a struggle but to be honest, it wasn’t a big deal as we didn’t spend much time in there.


There’s nothing special about it. We left the room as it is, didn’t pay any extra for anything and as for the air conditioning, we just left the window open and even when closed, we didn’t think it was that hot but I could understand why some people would complain.


Entertainment –

Also, there is a somewhat entertainment room downstairs, where they would play children’s movies, play bingo or have a quiz and some sort of disco.


Food –

Breakfast was also the same everyday – fried egg,  sausages, ham/bacon strips, baked beans, tomatoes, toast and even churros. They also have a self serve juice and coffee machine.


Lunch and dinner are mostly different from each other and slightly different from day to day.


They do have the usuals that they keep the same – like the veg pasta, chips, there was also some type of fish and meat. They even had a soup everyday.


Drinks were served in small plastic cups and you do get two at a time, so it does make up for it being one big glass. Although the drink were watered down, but hey it’s unlimited!


Pool –

We didn’t spend that much time by the pool – why? There’s a beach 10 mins away.


There is a main pool, a shallow one for the children and a very tiny jacuzzi. As far as we could see, it was mostly children and most of the sun beds had towels on them without having anyone around them. So it didn’t leave that much places to go down for.


Staff –

The staff at reception were pretty much the same people, to be honest I think they got annoyed at my partner and I with the amount of questions we had for them everyday but they always smiled and helped.


The staff at the restaurant do not crack a smile, but let’s be fair, I don’t blame them but it would have probably brought the vibe up a bit more. The cleaning staff are lovely, always saying good morning and smiling.


Resort –

The resort itself was big, very accessible and clean. By the reception is the entrainment room and many seating by the bar inside. There are seating areas outside along the resort.


There was an arcades area, which of course you would have to pay for, including pool.


Opposite the restaurant downstairs was another entrainment room, which I’ve mentioned on the entertainments part. As mentioned before, of course there was a pool, along with a pool bar.


WiFi –

As typical teenagers, we can’t live with our our phones and WiFi, but again, being on holiday, we wasn’t too fussed not being able to constantly be on the phone – Just wanted WiFi to upload photos and tell our families we’re alive.


WiFi was not inclusive within the package, per device, it cost €5 a day or €20 for the week, there was also an option of 3 days I believe but I don’t remember the price.


We only paid for one device, so after dinner, while having a drink or two, we would take turns to check our social media and talk to our families.


It reaches your room and public areas, within the resort, step outside to the terrace and it’s gone, let alone at the pool, that was the only downfall to be fair.


If you need your phone constantly, I suggest you buy a roaming package with your phone line before coming.


Transportation –

As a part of the all inclusive package, there is also a mini train/bus which takes you to and from the beach and back to the hotel for free. This usually runs from 9am to 10pm.


Although, if you would like to do the mountain tour within the same train, it would cost €4.90 each.


Also, by the beach is the Santa Susanna train station, which could also take you more places including Barcelona – it would take about an hour and 10 minutes and not too expensive either.


I would recommend that if you did choose to go to Barcelona, to go with the COMBO DEAL for €27 each, which includes the tour bus there and the train fare (which basically saves you the money it cost for a return ticket back)


Beach –

The beach is quite stony, but it’s not too bad. There are sun beds and umbrellas for ridiculous prices, but I know some people brought there own or simply took a towel to rest on.


You will come across many people who will try to sell you clothes and sunglasses – it does get annoying but we all have to earn money some way. There is also a man who sells fresh coconuts, he loves to shout.


Also, there are some people who come around asking if you would like a massage. I was sceptical about this but my partner & I each had one €5 for 10mins for just the back – I am telling you it was amazing and so worth it! I would actually recommend it if you are in serious pain or just want to relax.


Overall, we got what we paid for. Due to the fact that we only stayed in the hotel to sleep, shower and eat, it was fine. If you’re paying to go on holiday to just stay at the hotel, this hotel would not be for you. It also gave us more advantage to spend more money on activities and meals out of the hotel!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 8, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    Hi, You look like you had a fab time. I did my first all inclusive a few years ago and chilled for the week. Great to see you still made time to explore, Chloe #TeacupClub

  2. sophieannetaylor
    May 8, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    I've personally never been, but I love what you did on day six! Sounds like a perfect day to me, soaking up the nature and local life! I also love your review section at the bottom, I totally agree that sometimes a basic room is enough and although some might complain so what! sophieannetaylor.com

  3. Britt K
    May 8, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    I have never been to Spain but your pictures are SO beautiful! I have looked into going there a couple times, and it is definitely on our travel bucket list! Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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