Lunchbox: Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Following our previous lunchbox post, I have decided to create another couscous post because I am sure you have not used the whole packet from the last dish (yay to saving money)

Now, I am fully aware that this dish takes much longer to make and probably does require for it to be made the night before, but trust me, it is so worth it. This recipe would be best to create in a batch as the mince does make a lot, which even if . you had left over, you could easily create another dish out of it for another day.

Pair these stuffed peppers with a light side salad and you're set. These peppers could be eaten hot or cold! 

Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 50 mins


 ½ pound ground beef
½ cup couscous
1 cup crumbled Feta
½ cup chopped dried tomatoes
4 sliced spring onions
- 4 bell peppers


1. Brown ½ pound ground beef. Cook ½ cup couscous according to the package directions.

2. Mix the beef, couscous, 4 sliced spring onions, 1 cup crumbled Feta, and ½ cup chopped dried tomatoes; season with salt and pepper.

3. Stuff into 4 hollowed-out bell peppers and bake at 400° F, covered, until tender, 45 to 50 minutes.


Under 30: Soft Cheese Gnocchi with Bacon & Spinach

I don't know about you but gnocchi hasn't always been something I think of straight away when planning for a meal. We've had it once before and we simply knew we wanted to have it again.

Although, if you're a picky textured person like me, Jessica, you'll have to keep an eye out on how long you boil the gnocchi for because it's takes super quick and if it's done too much, it'll be like mush and personally, not in a good way.

Also, huge tip or not if you're super smart, there's no need for any seasoning of salt because those bacon rashers will be enough!

Like most pasta dishes, this is super easy and really good for a tasty quick meal if you're on the go.

Serves: 2 | Cook Time: 20 mins


- 400g bag fresh gnocchi
- 2 rashers bacon
- 50g bag spinach leaves
- half a tub of garlic & herb soft cheese
- 3/4tbsp milk


1. Boil a large pan of water, add the gnocchi and cook for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, in another pan, fry the bacon until crispy. Add the spinach, stir for 1 minute until wilted, then add the Crème de Saint Agur and the milk. Stir until smooth.

2. Drain the gnocchi, toss with the sauce and serve.



Restaurant: Gail's Bakery - Queen's Park, London

On a cold and crisp Wednesday morning with a multitude of bags and ready to head back up North, my time in London would only become complete with a trip to Gail's. I'm going to miss it! A stone throw away from Queen's Park station is what has become our favourite London coffee shop and bakery, and it's a real wonder we haven't written about it before.

The moment you step in to this wonderful place you feel the aura of luxury, quality, and the most dreamy smell of fresh bread. Using the finest and natural ingredients, every item sold is made fresh each and every day on site and they use their own blend of house coffee. It comes at a slightly higher price than your average coffee chain or independent, but we have and never will doubt its worth. 

A special shout out to their Chai Latte, which we think is perfect in terms of strength and sweetness - and finding a good Chai isn't as easy as you might think! From the window display of sourdough loafs and baguettes, to the fridges of yoghurt pots and shelves of sausage rolls, the endless options has had us coming back time and time again, and we're definitely still not done! We are yet to try their breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea menus so expect more to come of Gail's in 2018!

Food: ★★★
Coffee: ★★
Customer service: ★★



Lunchbox: Turkey Couscous Salad


I know we're already 4 days into the new year, but this is officially the first post on this blog for 2018 and to kick off the year, I, Jessica am a new woman. If you didn't already know, I recently got a new job and in my previous I used to work 5 minutes walk away from my house, which was super convenient and such a money saver. Going home for lunch everyday, how could that not be a dream?

As much as I love this new job, it is definitely not as close to my house and is not possible to go home on my lunch at all and up until today, I have been buying lunch out and for anyone who understands the pain, it can be a real deep in the pockets. Let's face it, it could get pretty unhealthy.

So I have decided to make a change. Simple, quick and healthy homemade meals is the way to go about it. As I sit in an office all day, I wanted something that doesn't necessarily need heating up, so I could take it outdoors with me. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing, not only for the sake of my bank account but to start eating right.

Would you like to see more recipes of quick lunches I take to work?
Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

Serves: 2 | Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 5 mins


- 130g pack roast turkey slices
- 80g pack green salad leaves
- 100g couscous
200ml hot low salt vegetable stock
- 1 avocado


1. Tip couscous into a large bowl, pour over stock. Cover, then leave for 5 mins, until fluffy and all the stock has been absorbed. 

2. Roughly tear the turkey slices and put in a large bowl with the salad and couscous. Add a drizzle of olive oil and toss well. Divide between two plates, then cut the avocado in half and spread evenly between each plate. Grind over pepper to serve.

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