Restaurant: Chef's Table - Music Hall Passage, Chester

Beef cheeks slow cooked in port, red wine & star anise, mushroom gratin, Borderlaise sauce,roast bone marrow, pickled red cabbage, shallot rings, smoked garlic pommes mousseline


InterRail: Travel Scrapbook - Photo Diary

I know what you're thinking, an Interrail related post 4 months after our return, well I promise it's not a long worded post, but instead it's a few pictures of just some of the pages from the scrapbook I, Jessica, started whilst we were travelling.

As well as it giving me something to do between countries and journeys, it was also a nice keepsake to have, of course, once the travels are over. I am a serious sentimental person, so things like this make me really happy.

I have completed the scrapbook, although I do think it deserves a bit more personal love with a few markings and notes, but here are some of my favourite pages from it:

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite page was and if you have done anything like this before in the comments below.



Christmas: Christmas by The River, London Bridge City

We've already visited the Sheffield Christmas markets, so it was only right that we visited some of London's Christmas markets while James was in London this weekend. With a very packed weekend planned, we started with a visit to Christmas by The River.

Although I have lived in London my whole life, it's funny that I don't believe I've ever visited Christmas by The River, but the opportunity came about when we were given two complimentary drinks to the TwoRuba stand and trust me, their seasonal cocktails are hard to say no to.

On top of that wonderful treat, a lovely fellow blogger, Charlotte, offered us some some food and drink tokens to enjoy within the market and as if that wasn't enough already, we had entry to the Eis Haus.

Eis Haus is an ice lounge and bar, and if you've been to an ice bar before, then you'll know the deal. They give you an extra coat and gloves to keep you warm during your visit and this ticket entry includes a shot served in real ice shot glass. For some reason, James was feeling extremely brave and went for the Bacon and Chilli Vodka shot, and Jessica went for the sweeter Strawberry option. 

Cheered on by the fantastic owner of Eis Haus, Phillip, we were given a quick tour around and explanation of how everything is made. With sculptures of bears, wolves, an arch and throne for photos, each one can take up to three days to build, some away from site, and some on once the shipping container it is all in has arrived. 

So you can imagine, it's pretty cool (see what I did there)

With Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the iconic City skyline as a backdrop, this surely is one of London's most picturesque markets. This is the place to buy artisan stocking fillers, boutique accessories, or just to settle down with some fantastic food and drink. There is so much to see with their programme of workshops and events in the chalet style events space.

If you're in London and you haven't already, head to the Christmas by The River. They open until January 3rd from 11am to 10pm everyday.

We had a really fun time at Christmas by The River, this is the only the first stop of out weekend, make sure to come back for our next post where we visit Winter Wonderland and our tradition we do every year.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored at all, just purely a kind gesture from a fellow blogger. As always all photos and opinions are our own.



Restaurant: The Grind Cafe - Kelham Island, Sheffield

Kelham Island, Sheffield's newest hipster hotspot and home to some great restaurants and cafes is where I, James am lucky enough to be living for my final year of university. The Grind Cafe is just a minute or so walk away from home, so it would seem silly not come to down for coffee and spot of brunch one weekday morning. 

I say that, but actually we only came for coffee until we say these two delicious dishes pass us by and land on the table next to us. We wanted a slice of the action and ordered straight away. Baked eggs is slowly becoming one of our favourite brunch dishes, in this case with tomato, chorizo and toast on the side. It was just what was needed in this crisp weather - so hearty and warming. 

Then comes the Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. They were fluffy, light and you can't go wrong with the toppings. It's a classic which will never get old.

Along with their terrific breakfast menu, The Grind Cafe are renowned for their famous sausage rolls, delightful sandwiches and locally sourced beans for their fantastic coffees. We'll be back for all of the above in due course, no doubt!

Food: ★★★
Coffee: ★★★
Customer service: ★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★

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