Coffee: Upshot Espresso - Glossop Road, Sheffield

Maple syrup and bacon waffles - £7

The best thing about having Jessica visiting Sheffield during the week, is that my uni breaks are amazing! This time we went back to Upshot Espresso, a coffee shop on Glossop Road that we first visited around the beginning of last year. That time, we only had drinks, and it has been on our list to go for brunch ever since!

Good coffee doesn't just happen, although you'd be forgiven for thinking that in Sheffield. A peak through the windows of Upshot Espresso just gives you the feeling that good coffee awaits, and the beautiful cakes and buns sure enough makes sure you walk through the door. 

Latte's - £2.80

Pick up a copy of Caffeine mag - known for only being stocked in the best coffee shops, a sip of their incredible latte, and ponder around their displays of the finest coffee equipment and bags of beans which they use had us in complete relaxation mode. 

Our order of maple syrup and bacon waffles soon arrived, and it was everything you could possibly want and need from a weekday brunch. 

Their social media is one of the best for a restaurant or coffee shop we've seen, so when our Instagram photo got regramed whilst still in there, we looked around to see who it could possibly be. An approving nod from one of the guys in the corner left us feeling that extra bit pleased with this outing!

We'll definitely be back!

Food: ★★★
Coffee: ★★★
Customer service: ★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★



Baking: Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Autumn is here and what else is more Autumnal than homemade cinnamon buns? Well, apparently pumpkin lattes, oversized jumpers and crunchy leafs are, but that's not that point. Cinnamon rolls are the bomb and these are obviously the perfect season for it.



Event: Brunching Bloggers at Annie's Restaurant

Eggs Royale - Smoked Salmon, Free Range Eggs, English Muffin, Hollandaise & Home Fries

On Saturday 21st October, Ashlee Moyo and I, Jessica, have organised our very first #BrunchingBloggers event! 



Event: Autumn Cocktails at TwoRuba

You know you're fully in the season spirit when you're already at another autumn cocktail event the following week and once again the other half, James, was unable to attend but this time I have brought my best friend, Ashley, to his first ever blogger event.



Coffee: Eve Kitchen - Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield

The amount of times we've been so near to here but too full, or maybe even unashamedly dreamt of a doughnut from this wonderful place, but never actually been are countless. But today was finally the day we visited Sharrow Vale Road's Eve's Kitchen.



Event: T2 Chai Tea Masterclass - Meadowhall, Sheffield

Last week we had the honour of being invited to a chai tea masterclass at the T2 Tea store in Sheffield. Having popped in to a couple of the stores a while back in London, we couldn't wait to return to tea heaven and learn how to make one of our Autumn favourites - chai. 


Coffee: Tabby Teas Cat Cafe - Cemetery Road, Sheffield

What an absolute pleasure it was to be invited along to Sheffield's first cat cafe - Tabby Teas! With fantastic coffee and cake in the company of some amazingly cue and characterful felines, it was the perfect way to spend a late midweek morning. 


Event: Shoryu Autumn Cocktail Party

Shoryu Pork Bun

Autumn is here and there's no better to celebrate it than with some limited edition seasonal cocktails at Shoryu. We were invited to attend Shoryu's autumn cocktail party, although due to James recently moving back to Sheffield, he was unable to attend this weekday event with me, so of course I had to invite my trusty fellow friend and blogger, Ashlee Moyo, to experience this evening with me.


Under 30: Creamy Cod & Croutons

Serves: 2 | Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 25 mins

Anyone else super fond of being able to create a super tasty dish that you can simply throw all in an over proof dish and show it in the oven for 25 mins? Same and with that, this dish is for you!


Breakfast: Spinach & Ham Egg Cups

Makes: 12 - 16 | Prep Time: 20 mins | Cook Time: 30 mins

These are the ultimate brunch minis to have - simply whip up all the ingredients and pour them into a 12 muffin tin and bob's your uncle. Funnily enough we forgot to add the ribbons of ham on top but it tasted just as good, although we sure it would have given that extra flavour.



Under 30: Chicken & Broccoli Garlic Butter Pasta

Makes: 2 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins

"Once upon a time, there was some broccoli and it got chopped up, put in a pan, it then cooked and we ate it. We lived happily ever after" So guys, this is what it sounds like when I ask James to write a 'story' for this dish!


Coffee: Joni - South Road, Sheffield

We are back in Sheffield, well, James is back in Sheffield and is now once again officially my second home. If you've been following us for a while, you'd know that James attends university in Sheffield, so expect more restaurant, especially coffee shop reviews in Sheffield over the next year.


Under 30: Fish Couscous Parcel

Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins

If you haven't already guessed it by now, we enjoy making good food, but the easy way and this is one of our favourite dishes to make - simply throw in the ingredients together and shove it in the oven. Simple as.
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