Coffee: The Flower Cup - Watergate Row, Chester

Holy Guacamole - guacamole, bacon and cheese grilled sandwich - £5.50

If you've been following our blog for a while now, you'd know that we appreciate and support those cute little independent coffee shops. We feel like we hadn't been to one in a while, so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were in Chester.


Review: Picnic Essentials

I know what you're thinking, a picnic at the end of September? Who on Earth would do that? Well last year, we proved that having a panic doesn't always mean going to a park on a sunny day. Picnics can be done in your own garden, in your room, off peak zoo times, anywhere that tickles your fancy to be honest.

Okay, I know we called this post picnic essentials, we all know about the sandwiches, juices and apples, but we're on about the good stuff: chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweet treats!

Doisy & Dam Chocolate*

This chocolate brand is definitely the greatest alternative for healthier treat to add to your picnic. The many different ranges of flavour, many free-from choices and healthy ingredients. I, Jessica, am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but the unique ingredients have made it all the difference.



Travel Tips: Apps/Websites We Use

We all use websites, apps and simply from word of mouth, to get ourselves through planning and preparing us for our travels and in no particular order, here are the most useful apps/websites that helped us when we were on our travels.


This one is the most obvious and one we've mentioned in our how to plan a holiday post, TripAdvisor is the best way to find the best places to eat and to stay - you can read great and honest reviews, although it can still be a hit and miss because let's be honest, some people can be a bit too much, for example we've still been to places that had bad reviews and still thought it was a gem.

It has also helped us find the closest cheapest places to where we are, so that was definitely a plus.

Rail Planner

This obviously only applies if you're Interrailing, but this app helps you find the train times you need, the best ones without changing, how long each journey would take and weather you would need to purchase a mandatory reservation ticket or not. 


We stayed in various airbnbs around in Europe and we had our fair share of finding hidden gems and bargains. We truly believe that using Airbnb has saved us a lot of money, so much cheaper than a hotel room and has given the flexibility to find somewhere the day before etc.


Luxury traveller? This is basically like Uber but more fancy and available in Europe, I'm not sure how many countries have Uber but we are aware that Blacklane was available in most if not all the cities we were in. Although we only used it in the UK on the way to the airport, it was the great way to kick off our travels in style.

Google Maps

This may be the most obvious but we we're surprised. As mentioned in our what we learnt in Europe post, Apple maps was not available in all the countries we were in, in terms of being able to see the route to take via public transport in each different city. Google maps was a serious life saver. 


This was an absolute Godsend when we were travelling, I don't even remember how we found out about it but we are so thankful for it - without having the pain of carrying cash and changing to each currency in each country without the crazy fees. You can use the app to add money into the card each time before you use it and the app also shows you the exchanged amount in pounds once it has been bought.

What are you go to apps/websites you use? Do you use the same?
Let us know in the comment below

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Under 30: Baked Gnocchi with Peas & Beans (v)

Makes: 4 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 15 mins

Returning from our travels, one of the question most people have asked is if we're sad to be back. Of course we'd rather be travelling around the world, but that costs a lot of money and nothing beats cheap and hearty home cooked dishes.


Breakfast: Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

Makes: 6/8 | Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 10 mins

Throughout the year we haven't had many chances to have breakfast dishes in bed, but with recent circumstances it has opened many opportunities to create some fun dishes for each other and so we are kicking off this little segment with the fluffiest pancakes I've ever made.


Anniversary: Sushi Samba - Heron Tower, London

Saturday 16th September 2016 marked 3 years of our relationship and of course, we just had to celebrate in style. There are many places in the world we want to eat and if you've read our post on where we would eat if we won the lottery, you'd know that Sushi Samba was on that list.



What's Next: Travel Wish List

As the whole world should know by now, we have officially returned from our Interrail travels over 6 weeks ago now and the one question we've got recently is "What's Next?"

We'd be lying if we said we haven't thought about it, sadly, just thoughts and discussions have only been made and no solid plans just of yet. We're still recovering from our 5 weeks travels but until then, we will be dreaming what we'll be hoping to achieve in the next few years.


I'm not sure if we've mentioned this in the blog before but it has been spoken about interrailling Italy as a whole on it's own next year - which is why we didn't go to Italy at all in our recent travels. We both are in love with Italy, the culture, the food and the atmosphere, we just knew that Italy had to done on it's own and we wanted to do it proper and travel through each city we really want to visit!

New York

I, Jessica, have been wanting to visit New York for the longest of time and I can only imagine many others have this same dream - who wouldn't want to visit the Big Apple? Some may even say it's a bigger and better version of London and as much as I say I hate London, I do adore it! It is somewhere I want to visit at least once in my life, as well as the rest of America.


If you didn't already know, I, Jessica am from a Filipino background, my parents were both born and raised there. Although I may not be, I am very much into my culture and adore my country. I haven't been there in about 11 years and I am hoping to return in the next few years and be able to take James with me.To see my family and to finally do some Island hopping.

Caribbean Cruise

Ever since talking to Grandma Baker and her adventures on a cruise, we have intrigued to know what it's all about. It just sounds like a dream, chilling on a cruise for days on, food at your door step, all the activities you could possibly want and the freedom to go around and explore.

What's next for you? What is on your travel wish list?
Let us know in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: these photos are not our own but have been all credited via source link below - if any of these images belong to you and wish for it to be taken down, please do contact us and we will do so immediately



Review: Letter Box Anniversary Cake

It's our three year anniversary and what does every celebration need... cake!!



Restaurant: Sakagura London - Mayfair, London

Heddon Street - a haven of fantastic restaurants and bars nestled behind the bustling and frantic Regent Street in Central London. It is home to Piccolino, the Ice Bar, and perhaps more interestingly, Sakagura. Here they serve up the most delicious and high quality Japanese barbecue you could hope for... or in fact they don't... you, the guests do!


Experiences: Staying at Various Types of AirBnb's

Within our Interrail travels, we made 8 AirBnb stays around Europe. This was our first time using AirBnb and we didn't know what to expect but from each experience. We couldn't tell you it's always been the same - we went from the basic to the extraordinary. Here are the various types of experiences we came across...

Living With the Owner 

We believe that most AirBnb hosts rent out only part of their house or flat, and with being on a tight budget for the majority of the trip, we did things this way in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zurich and Paris. We'll talk about Berlin separately next.

We were so lucky not to have any bad experiences in doing it this way, and always made sure that the place and owner had positive reviews from past visitors before booking. We always adopted the viewpoint that paying a few pounds more for somewhere that had positive reviews was better than risking it than going into the unknown. Each of our hosts were so welcoming, particularly in Prague and Amsterdam, and had full access to their kitchen and utility facilities. With being on a long trip, a washing machine was a necessity! The Czech cat that we were greeted by in Prague was cute too!

We didn't get to see our hosts in Zurich and Paris at all, as the keys were left in a safe place and we simply saw to everything ourselves. That was absolutely fine with us, but the extra touches that our hosts in Amsterdam and Prague took to ensure that we were settled in by chatting and talking through everything made it extra special.

Basic Living Room Space

Similarly to what was previously mentioned, we stayed with the owners of the flat we were in in Berlin. We knew what to expect so we didn't mind at all, but it was here when we were on a living room sofa bed. It was occupied by two students who weren't as meticulous as they could be... maybe move the marijuana from the window sill next time lads???

Whole Space

In Vienna and Budapest, we managed to bag a whole flat for great prices, and took advantage of the private kitchen spaces to make our own meals and make ourselves at home. All we saw of the owners was when we checked in, they gave us their contact details if anything went wrong, and we got on with our travels. We would say that our Budapest was our favourite accommodation of them all - the flat was brand new and had some of the fastest Wifi we've ever encountered. And although we weren't living with the owner, he regularly dropped messages and organised us a taxi to get back to the train station on our final day.

Overall we would fully recommend AirBnb to save the costs of hotels, and as long as you do good research into your options, it is a great way to travel!



No Bake: Banoffee Cheesecake

Before we set off on our travels, I, Jessica, had made this Banoffee Cheesecake for my mum's birthday. We posted this on twitter and a lot of you wanted to see a post on how we created this beauty. Although it may be a few month late, but it's better late than never right? Plus, anytime is the best time for any type of cheesecake!


Restaurant: The Alchemist - St John's Street, Chester

Jessica - Smashed Avocado & Poached Eggs with Bacon - £9.50

Rewind to last summer, and we were at the opening of Liverpool's newest bar and restaurant, The Alchemist. We were blown away by their unique cocktails and delicious menu, and have been craving to return ever since. When we found out a few months ago that they would be opening in my, James' home city of Chester, we were absolutely delighted and took the first opportunity to get down there for brunch. 


Travel Tips: Disneyland, Paris

As you know, on our Interrail trip this summer, we took an amazing detour to Paris and headed off to Disneyland, which you can briefly read about and see a little photo diary of here. With that, we have come up with a few tips to share with you!

Avoid Bringing a Big Bag

We're so glad we never came with a big bag, but with only our travel bum bag, as we realised when we got there that there were no places to leave your bag once you got on the rides.

Side note: in regards to cameras, we took my GoPro, which fit perfectly on the bum bag, as well as suitable for filming rides and the parade and used my iPhone to take photos.

Make the Most of the Free FASTPASS® use

Although we only used this once, it was really useful. We decided to grab a FASTPASS® ticket for my absolute favourite ride which was predicted for be over an hours wait, in that waiting time we were able to it in another ride which was less of the time and it worked out perfectly. It's the best way to avoid the queues, although it's only available for some, so make sure to check beforehand and you can only pick up on FASTPASS® at a time, so think about which rides you'd want it more for.

Create a Guideline Plan of your Day/Parks

Once we arrived, grabbed a map and sat down for breakfast, we knew we had to come up with a proper plan to make most of the one day we had here.

As the big kids that we are, we knew that are out was to make out way through the big kid rides - starting from the beginning and making our way around the whole park. We knew what time the parade was at and what time we needed to find our place, and how the other park closes earlier.

Pack a Picnic

I know this slightly contradicts the first tip, but if you plan it right, it shouldn't be so bad. As you can imagine, Disneyland prices are a tad bit extreme and as ones who didn't bring a picnic, we know first hand about those prices.

Side note: take a water bottle, there are fountains within the park which you can refill your bottles along the way. We bought a drink there and reused it in the park.

Bring a Portable Charger

This seems like the most obvious but this was the absolute life changer, for Disneyland as well as the whole of our Interrail trip. We were in the park from 9:45 am to 11:30 pm, with all the phone checking, picture taking, typical social media updates and firework display recordings - your phone is bound to run out at some point but you wouldn't want to miss out on any photo opportunities, not in Disneyland!

Have you been to Disneyland, Paris?
What would tips would you recommend for first timers or returners?

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Under 30: Steak Taco Dogs

Makes: 4 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 10 mins

In the middle of this month the football season had begun once again. Yay for James but boo for Jessica. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, I can tolerate it but the only thing that keeps me going is the food. Usually when we're watching, it's in a bar or somewhere for me to have typical pub/bar food, but with this season starting at home, there was only one thing for it. Hot dogs and beer!
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