Waffle Factory (finally) | Brussels Day 4

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Waffle Factory - Rue du Lombard 30

After practically telling ourselves and even sharing it with all of you that we'll be going to the Waffle Factory for the past 3 day, we have FINALLY done it!

Today is officially our last day in Brussels and the complete last day of our travels, so what better way to end it than with the ultimate waffle we have been waiting for.

This is the only place in Brussels that sell savoury filled waffles, our tour guide from yesterday mentioned it and that they're good, but she is planning to open up her own and sell better (oooh competition) so until then and until we return, we were very happy to settle for this place.

We basically agreed to skip breakfast just so we can save ourselves for a savoury waffle each to fill us until we arrive back to London around dinner time. We also wanted to share a sweet waffle, but honestly, with all that waiting and finally eating, we just got full too soon.

Personally, I wasn't a fan of my own waffle, it was lacking in taste if I'm honest. I preferred James' better as his was more filled with flavour! I got the Campagnarde: bacon, tomato, mozzarella and basil, while James got the Italienne: pesto, tomato, spinach and mozzarella.

Since this is our last stop on our travels, I guess it's our queue to say thank you so so much for joining our journey to the end! If you haven't already, catch up with our travel posts and we hope you continue to join our adventures when we're back in the UK.

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  1. It's a shame that you didn't like you waffle but the sound of James's is amazing sounds so good! It's sad that your time away has come to an end but I can't wait to see some London posts x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  2. Oh my god!! Looks delicious! x

  3. Awwh no! Such a shame that you didn't like your waffle! Haha I always think that what someone else has is better than my own anyways! Also a huge congrats on being shortlisted- I'm rooting for you two!!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

  4. A waffle filled with the topping of a pizza! You got me! I want it! such a great idea! and sounds so so delicious! xx corinne

  5. I've absolutely loved reading all your travel posts and I'm pleased that you finally got to try those waffles! How frustrating that yours Jessica was a bit disappointing, especially when you'd hyped it up so much!
    Enjoy your little blogging break!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. These waffles look so good, making me hungry x

    Sophie's Spot

  7. Awe, it's a bummer that yours wasn't as flavorful, but I'm glad not all of them were like that. The waffles still look really delicious!!

  8. The waffles look amazing and I'm glad you got to try them. I hope you had an amazing trip!

    A x | www.meandmybeautyblog.blogspot.com

  9. Your food always looks delicious in these pictures! I want to try this dish👅


  11. I've actually never had a savoury waffle before, but these looks so good! Although, I'm a sucker for sweet things.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Andi | www.andthenzen.wordpress.com

  12. Both yours and James' waffle ingredients sound yummy, I probably would've got a sweet one though!
    I am going to read the rest of your Brussels posts now :)

    Dani x

  13. what better way to end a trip than with copious amounts of waffles indeed! except i would sooo not have gone for savoury - sweet all the way baby!

    safe travels home, guys!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com


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