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Nando's Breakfast in Gatwick Airport - Spiced Maple Pancakes - £6.65

As you should already know by now, we are interrailing through Europe this month and today is actually the first day of our travels, so as you are reading this, we will be in Amsterdam. If you want to know where else we'll be going you can read that here.

So the purpose of this post is to tell you what our blogging arrangements will be while we are away, as voted on Twitter and mainly discussed together, we have agreed on posting once a day, everyday.

After each day, the following day, we will be posting what we've eaten in the day, mostly like a photo diary, depending on how we feel and how much we eat that day.

As well as doing a foodie post everyday, we will also be doing a travel post once a day, everyday over on our travel blog, which you can follow here. So anything to do with our day in terms of activities, what we see, visit and do. So make sure to check that out as well.

We will most likely be linking the posts together, so you have no excuse to miss them ;)
We really hope you enjoy our future content, please do show us some love and follow our social media for more updates.

Oh AND hopefully if the wifi is good, we are also hoping to post a vlog per country as we go along, but if not, they'll just have to go up when we come back, but we shall see!



  1. I'm so excited to read all your upcoming blog posts. I hope you have so much fun on your travels. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  2. Those pancakes looked incredible! I bet you were stuffed afterwards!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!

    Charlene McElhinney

  3. I had no idea that Nandos did a breakfast! Have a good trip :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  4. Those pancakes look amazing! 😍 Hope you have a wonderful trip, and most importantly, some great food!


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