Chocolate House & Vapianos | Luxembourg Day 1

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Chocolate House - 22 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes

If you've read our travel post, you'll know that we found this gem through our walking tour. The name Chocolate House already makes you want to go, but watching the cakes and the size of them coming out, we just knew we had to come back.

And two hours late, that is exactly what we did.

Inside was heaven, as well as their large cake slices, their speciality was the chocospoons, which they had an amazing collection of 50 flavours. If you don't know what a chocospoon is, then you need to grab yourself one now! Although, neither us got one as we had our hearts set on having a cake slice each and a hot chocolate would have been too much.

I, Jessica, got the French Strawberry and James got the Chocolate & Caramel. Both so so delicious and you never know, we may return for a chocospoon tomorrow.

Vapianos - 28-32 Place de la Gare

When we first arrived in the beginning of the day, we spotted a Vapianos across from the station and we'd been craving a proper pasta dish, so we were sold on coming back for dinner.

The prices and dishes are pretty much the same in London, so we won't go into much detail as you know we've been plenty of times back home. It was a very well deserved and hearty dish to end our night with.

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  1. What lovely finds in Luxembourg! I haven't seen this two but if I go back il have to, chocolate house looks divine <3


  2. oh my god i'm practically drooling over these cakes! luxembourg sounds amazing!
    Vicki x

  3. Those cakes looks delicious. I love when you get a slice of cake and it's HUGE. It makes the experience so much more fun and delightful. I think I'd have had the same slice as James 😍

    Breanna Catharina

  4. Those two slices of cake look absolutely delicious. It seems like such a nice place.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. I swear I put on 3lbs everytime I visite your blog lol these cakes look amazing! I could really do with the two of them right know ^^


  6. The cake looks so delicious! 😍 We have Vapiano in Germany too nut I'm not sure if it's the same thing. 😂

  7. Oh that cake looks amazing I'm such a cake person. Yum yum. Never been to Luxembourg looks great x

  8. Oh my god... those cakes look amazing. I love reading your blog post , I'm always left feeling so hungry haha 💖

  9. I wonder if this Vapiano's is the same chain we have in Chicago! That cake looks selfish and I'm dying to try a chocospoon now! Thank goodness my lunch is ready ;).


  10. I think if I saw a place called Chocolate House I would immediately start running towards it at top speed and there would just be little zoom marks in the air where I had been stood. Those cakes!!!

  11. Oh my god that caaaaaake. Looks so delish!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  12. That cake looks delicious am so jealous!

    Carla x

  13. Oh my goodness that cake looks incredible!
    No wonder you couldn't resist it! I'm intrigued by the sound of the hot chocolate too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  14. You both seem to find the best food places, I wish there were more in my area.
    Looks lovely and very yummy!

  15. Is that combining a cake AND a macaron???? My idea of heaven!!

  16. Wow. These one recipes look the perfect and I hope that using these, I will be able to make best to eat for family and friends.


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