Chocolate House & Vapianos | Luxembourg Day 1

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Chocolate House - 22 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes

If you've read our travel post, you'll know that we found this gem through our walking tour. The name Chocolate House already makes you want to go, but watching the cakes and the size of them coming out, we just knew we had to come back.


Eating in Disneyland | Paris Day 2

Caught up with Day 1?

First of all, check out our travel post from Disneyland for loads of photos from our day!

As you can imagine, eating in Disneyland is more expensive than your average meal, but we were prepared for it and went for one of the cheaper options. There are many places to choose from, from all you can eat buffets to cheap eats, but we chose something in the middle with this lasagne. 


French Grill & Double Ice Cream | Paris Day 1

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Fermier Gourmet - 185 rue du Temple

If you knew our original Interrail route, you would know that Paris wasn't on there. However we've managed to squeeze it in between Zurich and Luxembourg, and here we are! With travelling for most of the day, breakfast and lunch were ashamedly uninspiring, but we did get such a nice dinner in between some bits of sightseeing.


Silly Sausage | Zurich Day 3

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Sternen Grill - Theaterstrasse 22

So let me begin with saying that, we knew Switzerland was going to be expensive. We just didn't realise how expensive!



Potato Overload | Zurich Day 2

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Rolling Food - Zurich Main Station

Between our two main activities of the day which you can read about in our travel post, it was a matter of finding something quick, easy and hopefully cheap! £15 each for a jacket potato was the best we could find in the area we were in, so sat inside the market stalls within the train station to eat them. With only one meat option and one vegan option, we both opted for the bolognese. Thankfully they were quite big portions and set us up nicely for an afternoon of touring the city.

Whilst on our tour of the Old Town, it was recommended that we come here - The Raclette Factory. Raclette is a Swiss dish comprising of potato and melted cheese. What you have with it is completely up to you, but we both kept it fairly simple as one had a more garlic like flavour, and the other was spiced up with extra chilli. With Jessica especially having loves for both potato and cheese, she was loving it, although it is quite a strange dish to have on it's own! It seemed like more of a snack or side dish to us, but we loved it anyway!

Raclette Factory - Rindermarkt 1

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Cheap Eats That Are Not Cheap | Zurich Day 1

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Burgermister - Langstrasse 238

As you know we've been travelling for just over 3 weeks now, and with a total of 5 weeks of travelling, we've claimed our fair share of cheap eats and in the past few countries, we've found some super cheap eats that were so good! Now that we're in Switzerland, that has all changed.

With already visited Burgermister in Berlin as one of their cheap eats, we thought the burgermisteer here would be the same. Get ready to roll around in laughter, we paid over £28 for 2 burgers, fries and a coke. When in Berlin, that would have at least been €10. At this point, we knew we were doomed.

The food was really good, as you'd expect it to be, but £28 would be step for anyone that isn't from here. So, we'd love to tell you that we'd be eating good, but probably not *dies inside* joking. I think.

Restaurant Ach'i - Brauerstrasse 4

Dinner and once again we attempted to find some cheap eat, but at this point if we've apparently hit the number one cheap eats in the city and it cost us about 11 pounds for a burger, then we are screwed and with this we have embraced this fact and continued with our choice of restaurant in the "cheap eats" section as this was probably the cheapest we were going to get!

After read a few good reviews, we had come across this Chinese restaurant which apparently is the best authentic Chinese food around. With being convinced with the large portion sizes in the picture we walked 6 minutes from our hotel to the restaurant.

The service was quick and the food was great. Big portions, just what we needed, but we paid for the tap water but whatever floats your boat. The price in the end wasn't to bad considering how much food was given: £34, including our lovely tap water.

We look forward to our breakfast buffet at the hotel tomorrow, which is included and make sure to return tomorrow to find out what "cheap eats" we find!

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Ljubljana Food & Wine Tour | Ljubljana Day 3

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Onwards with our European food adventures, and now in Ljubljana, we had the chance to tour another fantastic city to find their signature dishes and culinary delights. This one would be a little different to the tours we've had in Amsterdam and Prague, as this time it was just the two of us alongside our outstanding guide, Lidija. 


Babji Zob in Lake Bled | Ljubljana Day 2

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Babji Zob - Cesta svobode 8

We had an absolutely amazing day at the stunning Lake Bled which you can read all about in our travel post! With so much exploring and activities to do, we could only make this quick stop off for some lunch at one of the cheaper options in the area. With it being such a popular area with tourists, true 'cheap eats' were hard to come by but these great dishes at roughly £10 gave us just what we needed to continue on with our day!


Hostel Celica All You Can Eat Barbecue | Ljubljana Day 1

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With today being another travelling day, it was a matter of getting quick bites to eat for breakfast and lunch whilst on the go. However before we move on to this barbecue, a special mention to funnily enough... a complete stranger!


More Cheese & Njummy | Zagreb Day 3

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Kava Tava - Britanski trg 1

Our tour guide from the other day told us that Croatia is not a big breakfast kind of nation, which we came to find out for ourselves as we limited and found ourselves back at Kava Tava. Not that we're complaining as we loved our dishes yesterday but today, we have opted for some hearty grilled sandwiches and iced coffees.



Kava Tava & Croatian Baked Štruklji | Zagreb Day 2

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Kava Tava - Britanski trg 1

Thursday morning and it's officially our first full day here in Zagreb and our first duty was to find breakfast. We came across this really quirky restaurant that were serving a Full English, eggs, large toasties, pancakes and more.


Heritage Croatian Food | Zagreb Day 1

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Heritage - Petrinjska ul. 14

With all the drama we went through today, we were in desperate need for some good food and good vibes. Heritage was on our list as it was down for cheap eats, as well as being traditional food in Croatia. Only a 14 minutes walk from our AirBnb, this was the prefect spot, opting to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight while it's still out.

The best of traditional delicacy in one bite. Heritage is all about having their groceries and products made in Croatia. They are trying to encourage small companies and local farmers to get involved, so they can proudly say that major part of their ingredients are coming from rural areas. 

We both decided to share the olives and cheese to start with, even the wild oregano was hand picked by one of the workers mother. The bread was warm and matched perfectly with the olive oil.

For mains we got two of their whole flat bread dishes, again another way of presenting traditional foods in a modern way. This is the concept behind everything that they serve here in a successful attempt to show diversity in Croatia's gastronomy, and appeal to numerous audiences.

To end our meal, our lovely waitress offered if we wanted to sample their blackcurrant dessert wine and it was so good! It was exactly like you'd imagine a very sweet strong wine taste, but it was good and helped us decide if we wanted dessert for ourselves and with that we shared a forest fruit ice cream, which was vegan, gluten free and sugar free.

The meal as a whole and the atmosphere from the workers was exactly what we needed and had perked us up for what we had left of the day.

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DIY Eatery at Budapest Makery | Budapest Day 4

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Budapest Makery - Dob u. 38

Our final lunch in Budapest was definitely being built up to be the best, and it certainly was! We were invited along to the world's only do it yourself restaurant, where you are able to cook your own meal from a varied menu, and then of course eat it.

Taken step by step from the video lessons provided to you on a tablet, we were able to choose anything from Hungarian cuisine to mini cheeseburgers! Whilst sipping on our fresh juices we scrolled through the menu, watching a couple of the lessons to check out the difficulty and what we fancied having. I, James chose the Hungarian lesco, which is pork tenderloin with egg barley and vegetables, and Jessica chose the layered potato with egg and chorizo.

The great thing about coming here is that you don't have to worry about prepping the ingredients. The exact amount is provided to you like in the pictures below, and you can get on with the fun part of putting it all together and cooking it. They aim to only have dishes on the menu that will take no longer than 20/25 minutes to make, so you will have a similar waiting time to what you would have in a normal restaurant. Our waitress was also always on hand to lend any tip and advice if we were unsure or if things started to go wrong.

With the oven pre heated to 200 degrees, Jessica was able to get on with arranging the potato, chorizo, onion and egg in the oven dish, which was super simple to do and then allow it to cook for 15 minutes. Mine was a little bit more complicated, but still really easy and only used methods I was more than used to when cooking at home. 

After frying most of the ingredients and cooking the egg barley and pork tenderloin, it was just a matter of arranging and presenting it. It somehow came out a lot saucier than on the tutorial, but still so tasty and I'd definitely have it again!

With us both feeling very full after the main course, we decided to share the responsibilities of making a dessert. These apple roses with honey in puff pastry were just the perfect ending to the meal! We decided to make one each, but to be honest I was a little cautious as it looked very fiddly on first sight. I couldn't be more wrong though - after rolling the puff pastry, all it needed was a coating of maple syrup and apple, and then rolling it into place. 9 minutes after baking it in the oven it was ready to eat... and they were gone in seconds! We wish we hadn't shared now!

Budapest Makery only opened in February, but are already doing extremely well with bookings stretching well in advance, and gaining interest on company levels for social events and away days. Coming here in small or large groups means you can have exactly what you want, the way you want it. You have the license to change up the spice level for example, quantity of this, that, or make your layered potato more crispy than most would have it. 

We believe it is a fantastic idea and it's a miracle it hasn't been done already! With them looking to franchise the business in the future, do be looking out for more of these. We won't say it's the future, but it will definitely give you the choice of how you'd like to experience your next meal!

Although lunch is all we wrote about, see what we did for dinner.

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Ice Cream Coffee, Meatology & Shakshuka | Budapest Day 3

Caught up with Day 1 and Day 2?

Vinyl and Wood - Wesselényi u. 23

GET LOST IN WONDERLAND! We found Vinyl and Wood on TripAdvisor as one of the top places to eat in Budapest, as well being in the cheap eats section. Luckily for us, Vinyl and Wood is only a 5 minute walk away from where we are staying, so it was the perfect spot to have coffee and something light to start up our day!


Lángos Burger & Nitrogen Ice Cream | Budapest Day 2

Caught up with Day 1?

We are so lucky to be staying just a short walk away from Karavan, a street food market offering a variety of great food and drink. We're loving it so much that we in fact had both our lunch and dinner here today!


Fancy Hotdogs & Ramenka | Budapest Day 1

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TöLTő - Wesselényi u. 31, 1077

Our first day in Budapest and we're already on the roll with finding cheap eats, and this time, it's what we'd call cheap eats, even cheaper maybe. We found a few places close to each other in the area where we are currently staying through TripAdvisor, and a whole street full of cheap eats and street food from just walking around exploring.


Bianca Is(s)t Cooking Class | Vienna Day 3

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Our time in Vienna is coming to an end, but before we head off for Budapest we had something very special in our plans! Today we attended our first cookery class, learning all about the history of Viennese food culture, and cooking up our own meal! We were lucky enough to work with Bianca Is(s)t, and had the most fantastic time!


Schachtelwirt & Eis Greissler Gelato | Vienna Day 2

Caught up with Day 1?

Address - Judengasse 5

Let's begin with, this first meal I'm about to talk about is dinner. Yes, dinner. Where did our other two
meals go? Well, James kindly and romantically made us breakfast in our little Airbnb flat, which was super cute, but apparently I didn't take a picture of it. There is a little snippet of it that should be in the vlog. Lunch? Let's be frank, we were too busy wanting to get as many things done during the day, that we simply wanted something cheap, quick and easy - McD's it is and there's no shame in that, but as you can imagine it's not the best looking thing to take pics of and write about, so here we are to the main meal of the day - dinner.


Dounteria & Schnitzels | Vienna Day 1

Caught up with AmsterdamBerlin & Prague?

Address - Margaretenstraße 9

So if you're a true reader and have been following our travels every single day, you would have noticed we had no post yesterday. Really, there not much to it but you can read about it briefly over on our travel post.



Hooters & Nase Maso | Prague Day 4

All caught up with Day 1Day 2 and Day 3?

Our last day in Prague and I know what you're thinking, why on Earth are we eating in Hooters? or maybe you don't really care, but either way we're going to tell you. If you're from America this is clearly nothing new to you, but we're from the UK and we've only ever seen it in films. From what we've seen, it seems like a place to experience.

We are fully aware it wouldn't have been the same and we knew Prague had so much more to offer, but we're not planning to go to America any time soon, so this was the closest we were going to get to it. Plus, sometimes you just crave them buffalo wings, you know?

Address - Havelská 25

As we suspected, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. but we were happy regardless as I, Jessica had fulfilled that chicken wing craving. We opted to share the mini sliders, along with the buffalo platter, which gave us a variety selection of chicken and shrimp (as they say in America) 

We wish we could have told you we had a beer as well, but we were saving ourselves for the day ahead. This as we were heading to a beer spa... yes a beer spa. Head over to our travel blog to read all about it.

Address - Dlouhá 39

For dinner we searched for some cheap eats in Prague and Nase Maso came top of TripAdvisor rankings for its price range. It's a butchers, as well as a restaurant and take away, serving up top quality meats at low prices - just what we were after! 

Going with the recommendations from our server, we had their best paprika and garlic sausage, and most popular rump steak. Both were so tasty, and although the steak bumped up the price and didn't make it such a cheap eat in the end, we're so glad we chose it! 

We had our last Czech beer to go alongside, but I think it's time we take a break from it when we get to Vienna!

We obviously couldn't resist getting their speciality dessert one more time. Again with ice cream, it was delicious, messy and probably the most Prague thing we could have to end our time here.

Hope you liked all our Prague eats, can't wait to see what Vienna brings!

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Brunch, Burgers & Nachos | Prague Day 3

All caught up with Day 1 and Day 2?

Address - Na Florenci 1420/3

Before we properly begin the day, we're going to tell you that we're going to be mentioning two different coffee shops, one we went to today and one we went to yesterday. The reason for this is, if you've read yesterday's post, you'll see that needed it own post, so we thought we'd do a quick mention in today's one.

Yesterday - EMA Espresso Bar, were all about cute spaces and great coffee, with BeanThereAt's recommendations, we were not disappointed. I'm not usually a fan of regular iced coffees but this place has exceeded my expectations and the food was super tasty too, definitely filled that gap. 

With having starting the day pretty late, we ended up having our first meal at nearly 2pm. Outrageous isn't it? It was much worth it though, as we've taken a leaf out of BeanThereAt's book and have gone with their recommendation.

Today - Misto, this was actually a different location to what BeanThereAt had suggested but the same company as they had kindly tweeted us saying they had this new location if we're in the Prague Castle area and coincidently today we were, which you can read all about on our travel blog. 

Although it was late into the afternoon we both opted from breakfast dishes, so I guess you could call this Brunch. James getting a full English and I with poached eggs. Both deliciously good but is it just me who can't bare the thought of getting a full English when you're not in England? It's just not the same right? But this one wasn't too bad and not completely different I guess.

Purely based on the fact that it was way past lunch time and we were basically having breakfast, we obviously thought it was the best idea to get a dessert to make up for missing out on the most important meal of the day!

Address - Bubenečská 12

As always, James got the brownie and I opted for that 'pretty thing in the corner' which I clearly had no idea what it was, but it was worth the risk as it ended up being a peanut butter filling of a cronut. YUM. No regrets!

Address - Malostranské nám. 260/11

Now, throughout the day we felt very settled and satisfied with our choice of brunch which kept us going for some time until we decided to stop for a nice little beer stop at this beer house we just came across. Sitting outside among the beautiful buildings, we could help but get a cheeky portion of chips. Just something to munch on while you're drinking right? Then ended up us getting a burger and more fries to share. I know not your typical Czech dish but you can't really go wrong with a burger and a beer can you?

Keeping in mind we had something planned for the evening which requires a few hours without food, we still opted to share as we were only feeling peckish.

When the time came around, we did end up getting some nachos and olives to keep us going, as well as a full bottle of rosé wine, you can read all about our relaxing jazz boat evening here.

We can only apologise that this isn't the most exciting foodie post we've had yet but we've focused today more on the activity/travel side, so please do make sure to read that post too.

It's our last full day in Prague tomorrow and we've got a few exciting things planned. Make sure to come back to find out what we eat and get up to!

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Urban Adventures Beer & Czech Tapas Tour | Prague Day 2

Caught up with Day 1 and Day 3?

We've been looking forward to this evening so much! Planned so many months in advance, we were seeing it as the highlight of our trip, and we are still seeing it as that afterwards! We went on an Urban Adventures tour of Czech Beer and Tapas, taking us to four destinations to try out different types of beer and Czech food, with a small sized group of 7 people.


Sisters, Donut Ice Cream Cone & Goulash | Prague Day 1

Caught up with Amsterdam & Berlin?

We've arrived in Prague and as always, you can read exactly how our day started over on the travel blog. Our first stop of business was of course lunch, we found this super cute lunch stop a bus away from our AirBnb, called Sisters.



Coffee with a Conscience & Cheap Eats | Berlin Day 3

Caught up with Day 1 and Day 2?

It's our last full day in Berlin as we leave bright and early tomorrow morning to head off to sunny Prague, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.



The Barn, Aroma & Burgermister | Berlin Day 2

Caught up with Day 1 and Day 3?

Our first proper full day in Berlin and what better way to start than have a relaxed morning getting ready and heading off to a cute coffee shop. We've been talking about how it seems to have been a while since we've stopped to get a coffee out (that isn't Starbucks) and thought this would be a place to start (as we all know coffee shops in Amsterdam aren't always what they seem).



NU Restaurant | Berlin Day 1

Caught up with Day 2 and Day 3?

It's our first day in Berlin and I bet you're wondering why our first meal of the day is dinner? Well you can read all about our little complications, the journey and our new city card in our travel post.



The Hungry Birds Food Tour | Amsterdam Day 3

Caught up with Day 1 and Day 2?

We started today with a quick and light breakfast at our hotel, this as we needed to save a lot of space for the later morning and afternoon. We went on The Hungry Birds Food Tour, a walking tour taking us to all of the best Dutch foods and best restaurants in Amsterdam. We'd be stopping by at 10 locations during the 4.5 hour period, covering everything from herring, fries, and ice cream. 

We were so excited to finally be on our first food tour - we'll be trying our best to go one in each country of our Interrail journey! Hopefully we have as much fun as we did today on some more we have lined up later in our trip! It was such a fantastic day, so let's take you back to the start...

It all began at Tjins, a food store and specialist in serving up Surinamese dishes of the highest quality. We tried Pom, a delicious and spicy sandwich with so many different ingredients. All of these would normally be served separately or in other dishes, but the Surinamese found a way to mash them all together, and put it into a sandwich for people who need something on the go. The hot sauce in there was top notch and it was a lot of flavour for 10.30 in the morning... in a good way of course!

We then moved through Albert Cuyp street market which was full of souvenirs, clothing and fantastic food. Our next two food stops took place along this road, both very different but equally as great! Our first was at a fishmongers, who put together herring with pickles, and kibbeling. This is a common dutch snack consisting of lightly battered fish and garlic mayonnaise and tartar. Both were amazingly fresh and tasty, and we wish we'd taken the option to eat a whole herring by the tail! Absolutely delicious.

Stroopwafels are perhaps a more famous Dutch snack, and Jessica has been so excited to have big and fresh ones of theses since being given some by our Air Bnb hosts on the first day here. This place is renowned for being the best, as most nowadays have adapted the recipe to include a lot more caramel than was in the original. Freshly made in front of us, just having it warm made everything so much better!

Next up was some drinks, and we stopped off at Cafe Bouwman for a sample of three jenevers. I, James had one that was young and similar in taste to vodka and tequila. The second option was older and likened to whiskey, and Jessica's choice had berry flavouring. This one was launched to introduce  women to these types of drinks, as traditionally only men drank jenever.

Believe it or not, by this point our appetite had built back up again and we were taken into Sempurina, the best Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. Our host Esther is from here so was able to tell us all about the history of their food culture, and where this dish of skewers with a salad and boiled egg fit in. 

We followed this up with something similar to what we ate on the first day here. Oorlog is the signature sauce to have with your fries, however since we had already them, it was recommended that the samurai sauce is equally as delicious! They were spicy and full of flavour, and these fries were so soft on the inside and crispy on the out. Perfect!

We took quite a while to relax and try out many different cheeses at The Dutch Delicacy. This shop looks absolutely amazing, with so many different cheeses and devices to help you cook, cut and melt your cheese. We tried every type on offer to us, from goats cheese to a beer flavoured cheese. 

Whilst still in the cheese shop, Esther went to pick up her order of chocolate cookies from around the corner at Van Stapele. This is owned by someone who believed she had the perfect recipe for a chocolate cookie, and set up a store selling that one cookie only. Despite being told by others to develop her range and take her talents further, she refuses and wants to be known as the best chocolate cookie maker. We can confirm it is the best chocolate cookie we have ever had!

Our final dessert stop was at Lanskroom Cafe, known for their gigantic stroopwafels! However they have recently started making ice cream, with the option of a mini stroopwafel to stick on top and use to scoop the ice cream and eat together. Both going for our favourite flavours of pistachio and strawberry, it was a fantastic way to end the food tour. 

However, it wasn't the end. We had the option to join everyone in the most historical brown bar just over the road. We ended with a drink of our choice, and said our goodbyes to our friends made on the tour, and our fantastic Mother Bird Esther.

Every single food and drink we had on the tour was so delicious in it's own way. As foodies, we believe this is the best way to tour the city and it makes us so excited to join others whilst on our trip around Europe!

Thank you so much to Hungry Birds for this fantastic today!

Disclaimer: we were given discounted tickets to the Hungry Birds food tour in exchange for a mention in this blog post and coverage on social media. However as always, all pictures and views are our own.

**Please note: we are posting everyday over a period of 5 weeks on both blogs, please do be offended if we do not reply to your comments. We appreciate every comment and the love you are showing, it honestly means the world to us. If you have any questions, please send us a tweet!**

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