Lean15 Series: What We Eat Post Gym

Since joining the gym earlier this month, we have been thinking more about what we eat - not that I, Jessica, want to completely change our way of food, but we thought that this would make an interesting and suitable series for us to share.

We are not nutrition expects or anything like that, so we didn't want to attempt this series on our own, so we thought with the help of Joe Wicks and his Lean in 15 cookbook. In this book, he shares smoothies, snacks and what to eat before and after working out - which is the type of guidance us beginners need.

So, as we are beginners, we tend to aim to go to the gym 2-3 times a week, so this series will be posted 3 times a week for when we do go to the gym, what we've made within the cookbook, how we felt about it and at the same time learn more about this lifestyle and hopefully incorporate it into our daily eating habits.

Also, following our previous Budget Series, we had asked if you'd like us to continue adding the prices of each item we bought and so we will for this series too.

Please note - disclaimer:
- These recipes are based on the Lean in 15 cookbook by Joe Wicks
- We do not have any allergies or have a particular type of food requirements
- The prices shown are based on the date of purchase and according to Tesco website
- These recipes may include the basics, for example, rice, onion, garlic - that we have not purchased
- These are not a sponsored posts (unless stated)


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