Restaurant: Bungalows & Bears - Division Street, Sheffield

Ruby's ghost - Beef patty, smoked bacon, emmental, mushrooms + onion rings - £7.00

Dipping skinny fries to share - £6

After what the boys called "an intense" football match, we decided to grab a quick bite before we, James and I, had to catch our train. We originally opted for a pizza to share, but the place to chose to go to had problems with their oven, but with being in Sheffield, you are always spoilt for choice.

Only a road down, we came here to Bungalows & Bears, it was bigger than it looks for the outside and although it was a Sunday evening, we were surprised with how quiet it was inside, but we can all imagine how lively it could get during the early weekend.

We all decided to get the same burger and shared from dipping fries, with an extra portion but we felt the one sharing plate was enough for the three of us.

As briefly mentioned already, the atmosphere was quiet but perfectly okay with us to end our evening. The food was actually really tasty and we had discussed about coming back - sometimes you just want a dirty burger and this was a good place for it.

It's been such a good weekend here, a relaxing but exciting weekend one, can't wait for our next trip up here and explore more new places!

Food: ★★★
Customer service: ★★
Atmosphere: ★★★



  1. These looks like amazing burgers!! I love burgers as you already know but they have to be pretty special to keep me coming back!! With the sharing fries in the photo it doesn't look like much but was it quite large? for £6 just on fries I'd expect more of them BUT it might just be the way it looks in the photo!


    1. To be fair, it does look so little in the picture but it was enough to keep 3 people satisfied and trust me, I love my chips!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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