VlogmasBlogmas: Our Christmas Tradition

Ever since the beginning, we had always come to Winter Wonderland, done an activity, got some churros and had dinner at Vapianos.

The first year, we went to watch the Circus, last year we went to see The Ice Kingdom and this year, we went Ice Skating.

It may not be a typical tradition, but it has become a tradition for us and we hope to continue this wherever we may be.

Advent Calendar #22

Gin: Cream Gin Distilled Gin
Whisky: Buffalo Trace
Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Note: We will be doing a full review at the end of the advent calendar



  1. Awwwwh giys you won a teddy and then a HUGE Toblerone!!! I'm jealous I can't lie!!


    1. Ahhh the excitement was so real, James is still trying to eat that toblerone haha

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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