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November, December, and possibly September and October too, mean only one thing in this modern world, and that is that every single person needs constantly reminding by every single retail store in the country, that it is indeed Christmas soon.

But what store reminded us of it the best this year? John Lewis, M&S and Sainsbury’s seem to be clogging up my screens and Twitter feed the most, so I, James, tried to find what I thought was the best from the three.

John Lewis

It didn’t take me long to figure out that my trusty friend, John Lewis, was there to steal the show once again. This is hardly surprising, after all they do have “gifts that everyone will love.”
You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve walked up and down House of Fraser seeking gifts for my fox, badger and hedgehog!

The onus this year was on Buster the Boxer to melt the hearts of the nation, and that he did. Sure as all great showmen do, he split opinion, but that didn’t stop the love pouring in on Twitter and over the garden fence!

It would need something pretty major to halt John Lewis in its tracks to win the Christmas retail battle, but those behind the #stopfundinghate campaign are trying their best! Personally, I can’t see them outdoing Buster on any day of the week!

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer followed hot on the heels of John Lewis in their effort to take the limelight.
Until now, Mrs Claus has been something of an enigma. A shadow in Mr Claus’ legendary status. But now, with the help of M&S, she rose to the forefront and stole her husband’s thunder. Waiting for the Mr to leave, Mrs Claus goes on a journey of her own to make a boy’s festive wishes come true, all before Santa comes home. When he arrives, Mrs Claus is back on the sofa acting as if nothing ever happened.

Jessica loved it for ‘power to the women and all that,’ but honestly… and she says men can’t be trusted! (Controversial I know, don’t hate me ladies!)


Sainsbury’s are also up there as one of the nation’s favourite, with the stressed out, and as a result, suddenly skinny James Corden, taking on the Father figure trying to find the greatest gift for his family. This is until he realises that the best gift he can give is to spend time with his loved ones.
Much regarded as the best advert of the year, but for me, there was a strange undertone that there is absolutely no need to buy Sainsbury’s products, as all you need is the people around you. Maybe this explains why Corden has seemingly boycotted the pork pie counter and will replicate such behaviour by not feeding his children either this Christmas. They’ll have each other. What else could you possibly need?

So to answer my original question, it was of course John Lewis who won this year’s retail battle for me - bravo Buster. I’m not sure all of those Dad’s with children wanting dogs and trampolines for Christmas will agree though.

Advent Calendar #14

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Note: We will be doing a full review at the end of the advent calendar

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Which one do you prefer? Or do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Why am I such a blubbering emotional mess all the time!!!! I swear anything Christmas related captures my heart!! I hadn't seen the M&S one so I just watched it and I'm just saying it.... Its my fave!!! How perfect was that!? I LOVE that it was all girlpower, fuck yes!!! And the little boy is ADORABLE! We also love the sainsburys one! Whilst shopping in sainsburys the other day the song came on and Lucas wakes around the shop singing the words its was amazing! And I also love how fun the John Lewis one was this year!!


    1. EXACTLY! GIRL POWER, clearly James wrote this post but whatevs to him haha do love a good old Christmas advert, always brings out the festive spirits!

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓


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