Lifestyle: What We Got For Christmas

So, as you should all know by now, this is our first official Christmas together. This year I, Jessica, have had the privilege to spend Christmas with James' family in Chester, and with that came joint presents, that we are both super grateful for and as foodies and as a couple, we'd like to share with you and a few we got for each other. Please do not take this as bragging or anything.

Sophie August Tea Towel & Oven Gloves

Vijzel & Mortar,  Jamie Oliver Tefal Pan

Personalised Typography Print

LOVE Heart Frame

My Dad also got us a joint present, but since we are not there and have not opened it, we can not tell you what it is - we shall update you on that.

My work colleagues, my dear friends Guido & Claudia super kindly got James and I our very own embroidered aprons with our Food & Baker logo on it. LIKE C'MON, YASS merch in the making!! This of course got us so excited and we're so lucky to have such a thoughtful gift.

We of course got separate presents, but we won't bore you with those, but we'd like to include a few of what we got each other, which includes matching watches and we'll list the rest.

Daniel Wellington Oxford Strap Watches
(yes this was planned haha)

To James, from Jessica:
- Happy Socks (4 pairs)
- Reiss Jumper
- Picture book of our Marrakech holiday

To Jessica, from James:
- Happiness Planner
- 'Baby it's cold outside' take-out cup
- Skinny Dip Angel Avocado Phone Case

We just wanted to make a special shout out to everyone who had given us presents, as a couple and individually and a extra shout out to James' parents for giving us so much and for especially having me over the holiday for such a big family occasion.



  1. Awwwwh so awesome giys you got some of the best pressies ever!!!! I love that your woek mates got you those food and baker aprons how adorable and thoughtful is that!!!? Hope to see those in an up and coming baking vlog!!! Also love that you got eachother matching watches so cute!! Also James is kinda winning at gift buying getting you the skinnydip phone case and the cool take out cup!!! Love you guys hope you had the beat Christmas together by the sounds of it you did!!


    1. I know aren't they the best, so thoughtful. I nearly cried haha they will defo be in upcoming vlogs!

      Omg I know right, I loveeee everything he got me. I'm so lucky!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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