Dinner @ Cabana, Wembley Outlet - London

Jessica - Chilli Chilli Lamb Lamb - Marinated in Chilli & Cumin with grilled palm hearts. Served with Brio Brio rice and Rio beans - £16.95 and Sweet Potato Fries - £3.95

On Tuesday evening, we both headed straight from work to Wembley Park, as we were going to see Catfish & the Bottlemen!

Upon arrival, the fans of Catfish & the Bottlemen weren't the only ones roaming the streets, as there was an England match happening right next door! You can just imagine the amount of people that night and imagine the hangry Jessica trying to get through these people to then find somewhere to eat.

Of course, most places were full or with a long line of people and with such limited time, we came across Cabana. I actually though we'd been here before but we hadn't, not together anyway.  

James - Picanha Beefburger - Made from the ultimate Brisilian cut, Cap of Rump, with Malagueta Mayo, Chimichurri, tomato, Rio beans and matchsticks - £13.95

We were surprisingly seated straight away and with being super hungry, there was no room for being indecisive and we pretty much ordered straight away as well. 

When my food arrived, I was too hungry to wait for James' food but when his food arrived, he though it was quite cold. Once we told the waiter, he did not hesitate to return the burger and a new one was freshly made, which left a great impression as he dealt with it very well and will not use this as bad judgment.

I personally loved my meal, although I think next time I'll choose to get my lamb well done as I thought the medium was too chewy for my taste but still ate it all!

Great food and just right all ready for a long evening with great vibes seeing Catfish & the Bottlemen

Food: ★★★

Customer service: ★★
Atmosphere: ★★



  1. Sounds lush and the look of the food is great!! Shame that James food came out cold, this has happened to me before and its just awful but glad they rectified their mistake sharpish!!

    1. It was so good and something different! I know we weren't going to complain but then he asked and was so nice about it - he made up for it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓


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