Lunch @ The Black Lion & Boho Gelato - Brighton

As mentioned in our previous post the lovely Laura from @lawleysbakerybrighton had suggested for us to come here for some good nachos and if you've been following our blog for sometime now, you'll know we love us some nachos! So we were sold on that alone!

They were descent portions and one bowl would have been enough for the 4 of us, but since we're fatties, we decided to get two between us, with one having extra pulled pork (which of course we all shared. Each costed at £10 each, which an extra £2 for the pulled pork, as well as 2 sides of chips and garlic buttered spinach, you know, to balance that diet hahaha

For a Saturday afternoon, we thought it was a really nice calm atmosphere for a pub, although we say that, but we believe we came at a really good time, as soon as we had ordered and sat down, people started pilling it, but it still didn't change our views on the atmosphere. 

After our meal, we walked straight to the pier and explore, as it was the girls' first time at Brighton. We walked along, went through the arcades and walked around the rides, where James attempted the football game, safe to say he didn't win anything. We decided not to go on rides as we've just eaten, but admiring the view was just as good.

After the pier, we deiced to walk towards the Lanes, where we inevitably started window shopping, espcailly when you see the words SALE on the Paperchase window, although we didn't get much, just a few birthday cards, before heading out to the rain (which only lasted about 5 minutes) to Choccywoccydoodah, just to have a browse around. Super pretty but so expensive for chocolate!

To be honest, the main reason why we originally wanted to come down to Brighton back in August was for this specific for this gelato shop, based on Alfie's (yes, you read that right Pointless Blog) vlogs, the carrot cake flavour was to die for and as foodies, we defo wanted to try it, even if it was just raining.

Unfortunately, we were too late and it was sold out! It is told that this is a very popular flavour and it literately goes out of stock in the first hour of opening. Nevertheless, gives us more reason to come back, as well as many other places we want to visit in the near future and it was still defiantly worth the trip for! 

Food: ★★★
Customer service: ★★
Atmosphere: ★★★




  1. Ooooh nachos! I have such a craving for melted cheese after seeing your delicious pics! Looks like you had a fantastic day weather-wise for a trip out too, lucky you! Such a shame to miss out on the carrot cake ice cream, but that's a good enough excuse for another visit I'm sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💋 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Nachos are so good, that warm melt cheese, just love all the toppings, especially guacamole! Defo will be going back there!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓

  2. Hoe amazing does that food look!!! Those nachos have a great cheese to tortilla ratio!!! And those chunky chips look so divine!! Why do I love food so much!?

    1. Yasss you know your nachos! You my girl, we need to go out and eat!!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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