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Welcome to the Food & Baker food blogger series, which every blogger, vlogger, tweeter is welcome because what human being doesn't like food(!?) This is a just a simple, quick and fun series of food related questions to just to get to know each other and meet new bloggers!

We are super grateful to everyone who are involved! Let's get started!


I’m Victoria, I’m 26, from London and I write a food blog (that sounded very Take Me Out…).

Why did you start blogging?

I had previously written a beauty and lifestyle blog and found the posts I most enjoyed writing and sharing were recipe posts; it just seemed logical to start writing a food blog where I could collate all of my recipes and reviews in one easy to find place. I eat out quite a lot and when I’m going somewhere new I do like to read a review or two first before booking, I hoped that by sharing my reviews I could help other people find great restaurants in London.

Three Random Facts

1. I’m a trained makeup artist and spent years freelancing and working on counters.
2. I love reading and can quite easily get through double figures of books during a week’s holiday (on a kindle obviously, imagine carrying all of those books in your suitcase!).
3. I could quite happily live on white carbs.

What is your most favourite meal in the world?

If we’re talking about the best meal I’ve ever had then it is hands down a roast chicken dish I had in Paris last year. If we’re talking a meal in general, then it would have to be my homemade spaghetti bolognese: I make a really rich and slow cooked ragu and it is my ultimate comfort food.

Are you more of a sweet or savoury kind of person?

Both! As I’m getting older I have more of an appreciation for savoury food with a sweet every now and then (this may have something to do with the fact I’m pretty sure my metabolism ground to a halt at 24- sorry kids, it’s all downhill from there…).

Do you have any weird food/eating habits?

I eat with my knife and fork back to front (fork in my right hand) and I’m really weird with eggs: if I have a dippy egg I’ll only eat the yolk, if I have a fried egg I’ll only eat the white and I can’t even deal with poached eggs.

If you could travel anywhere in the world purely for its food, where would you go?

Tough one, it’s a real toss up between Paris and Milan for me. Prior to visiting Paris I’d never considered myself to be a huge fan of French food and maintained the food I’d had in Milan was hands down the best ever; however, the food in Paris was exceptional quality. Beautiful produce and always perfectly cooked. I think it’s got to be Paris.

What is your favourite meal in the day and why?

At weekends, I’m all about brunch. I just love how relaxed and informal it is and also, all the food (I’m also a big advocate of mimosas with breakfast so…). During the week, probably dinner, I love visiting different restaurants and so it’s a winner for me.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is tough, my instant reaction was chicken but I think in honesty it would be white bread.

What would be the "out of the ordinary" thing you've eaten?

I tried kangaroo in Australia and it was beautiful. I’m slowly becoming less fussy with food and this was the first really bold meal choice I made.

Do you prefer to cook at home or eat out?

I love cooking at home, due to working full-time it’s quite rare that I actually get to regularly cook for myself so when I do it’s a real treat for me, much more so that going out for dinner which I do far more regularly than my bank account and waistline appreciate.

Homemade Crème Eggs

What's your favourite post of ours?

I really enjoy this series but if I can’t pick the whole series then I’m going for the taco pop tart recipe – I must try!

Twitter – twitter.com/V__Gilmore
Insta – Instagram.com/foodieforthoughtblog
Bloglovin - https://www.bloglovin.com/people/foodieforthought-17457537

We would like to continue this series for as long as you all want to participate, so if you would like to take part in our blogger series, please do drop us an email on foodandbaker@gmail.com and we will send you back the details.


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