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We've all heard of Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat, but have you heard of BringIt!? Takeaway, groceries or even just for a coffee - it doesn't matter how big or small, they can deliver to the house and if you're as organised as we think we are, you can plan ahead and schedule - great for sorting out breakfast the night before!

We had been offered to test out this app with £25 to spend. We decided to use this at a moment of need, one weekend where we had a midday rehearsal to attend to on a Sunday, we thought instead of rushing around for breakfast, we would have a good lie-in and order something to brunch on before we head out.


We had a look at what was available to us around our area and what type of brunch we would want the night before. There was so many selections of places to choose from as this app does not limit you to only the area you are in. As mentioned above, we also found that you could order groceries from Tesco, Sainsbury's Waitrose and Dacha amongst others, which is so convenient when you've already done your weekly food shop on Sunday but forgot to add your favourite ice cream for movie night at home for Wednesday, which I'm sure many can relate to.

We came to a decision that night to order from Crussh, but although we knew we could pre-order the night before, we decided to choose what we felt like eating that morning. We went for something light and healthy.

Fruit Salad - £2.95, Chia Seed, Quinoa & Organic Strawberry Yogurt - £1.95, Cherry & Pistachio Yogurt Pot- £2.99, Fat Burner Smoothie - £3.80 and Good Morning Smoothie - £3.80

We had also ordered salmon sashimi salad pot and tuna sashimi salad pot - £3.65 each but unfortunately, these items were unavailable at the time of ordering, which was a shame, as this was going to be the main part of our meal. Nevertheless, we had be told beforehand and money had been credited back.


We loved that we were constantly updated with our delivery, you are able to see where he began his journey and get notified when he is on his way to the shop/restaurant, to where he is on his way your house. Of course, as part of this app in use, there is a service change and delivery charge, based on what is ordered and for what we ordered, it did not seem drastic at all, it was very reasonably priced for what was needed.

Once delivered, the man was very lovely and informative about what was missing and what drink was what, as they looked very similar. At the end, we was able to rate the delivery man, which I think is a nice touch, of course if one needs to be praised.

Overall, we believe this app to have great potential, especially in the groceries aspects of ordering. We can see that saving a lot of people's homemade dinner plans and/or making it even extra special with adding more spices and dessert. We will sure be using this app, especially when we forget that ice cream in the basket.


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