Lifestyle: September Favs & October Goals

So I know it isn't technically the end of the month yet, (here it comes) but we are going on holiday tomorrow and we have planned to do blog a summary of each day, so being typical me, I had to organise myself so it doesn't clash with these posts.

Anyway, so let's begin!

September Goals Overview:

- Buy a proper vlogging camera for our holiday and our vlogs in general[✓]
This was probably done on the first day of the month when we got paid and was planned too, as it was our anniversary present to each other
- Reach 60 subscribers on YouTube
This is so sad, it's so hard to get you lovelies to want to watch our videos, but we won't stop trying (and here we go again) we'll be daily vlogging on our holiday, so pls feel free to try make this happen for us!
- Cook at least 3 times a week at home[✓]
Thanks to Hello Fresh, we can happily say we have completed this and even after we finish our subcription, we'd still hope to cook more at home!
- Bake at least twice this month[✓]
So happy to say that we have, we've made Mr Tom's Blondies and a Blue Velvet Cake
- Keep up with British Bake Off[✓]
We have become very fond of watching the GBBO, we have been keeping up but we have to admit we have probably been watching it on Thursday and not when it's showing at the time, due to plans etc.

September Favs:


Restaurant: Clos Maggiore

How could our favourite restaurant this month not be The Most Romantic Restaurant in London, of course, this is where we went for our Anniversary dinner and if you've read the original post, you'd know why it has been titled Most Romantic.

Home cooked Meal: Roasted Chicken with Pancetta Lentils 

Since we've tried Hello Fresh, we've fell in love with the so many healthy recipes, it was a tough call but I do think this one was the best so far and far most the prettiest haha


Twitter to Follow: @NancyRothery1
She is a very lovely and supportive lady. She has been very active with us on Twitter and has given us much advice on our trip to Marrakesh 


Date Night: Emirates Airline 

This date night was a last minute plan, but we all know spontaneous moments usually come out for the best! This was a very relaxing and simple date, watching the sunset going down and enjoying the London views, followed by my love for pasta.

We was honoured to attend a blogger event for a simple food photography class and honestly, we had learnt so much, it defo deserves a shout out and if you are a blogger in need, check out Blogger Skills Academy

October Goals:

- Take a day/weekend trip to somewhere new in the UK
- Attend more blogger events
- Reach 1,500 Twitter followers
- Organise ALL photos together from THIS YEAR
- Create more veggie friendly recipes

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What are your September favourites? Do you have a goal/bucket list? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. I love your favourite/goal posts at the end of every month - it's a great way to stay motivated too! I should really think about doing something like this to keep me on track!

    You always have so much exciting and fun stuff to share with us and your date nights are always so unique and luxurious!

    I look forward to hearing how the month of October works out for you two lovelies!

    Big hugs
    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thank you! Yeah that's exactly how we see it, we find it so much more better to stay motivated when it's open to the public hahaha

      Glad to hear you enjoy it! We love sharing it with you guys and comments like this make it feel worth while!

      Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️💓


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