The Perfect Barbecue Event*

As summer is sadly drawing to a close, we wanted to look back on and draw up for you what would be our perfect barbecue event. We may only have a few weeks left to be able to pull this event off, but we can all dream and look forward to next year at least!

The first ingredient that you are going to need to have the perfect Food & Baker barbecue is the sun, of course, and if you’re James, some factor 50 sun cream. But if you’re Jessica, probably just a seat that is absolutely nowhere near the shade.

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The sun has various affects on all of us, to some of us it makes us hungry, and to some it makes us forget about food. You may not be surprised that to us, any type of weather can be used as an excuse to eat food. There is no such thing as slim down for summer on our radar, only chub up for Christmas, and autumn, and spring, and summer. So of course at our perfect barbecue event, there would be an utterly tremendous amount of food!

There is nothing worse than cheap burgers that make you question if you’re even eating meat, so stuff those thick and soft baps with a nice serving of barbecue pulled pork! And once you’ve had one or two of them, lamb and mint burgers are also a favourite.

Head inside and get those triple cooked chips in the oven, because no barbecue is complete without some juicy steak, preferably sirloin, but any decent cut is equally as great!

Food is number one priority, but when you have that tasting great, you can start thinking about making the environment Pinterest and Instagram ready! Bunting is a simple but really cute touch to have at a garden party, as are some chequered tablecloths with matching cutlery and plates.

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So we have it tasting great, looking great, so the next sense to take care of is your hearing. We are going to need some classic tunes to make sure that every one of our guests has that summer feeling!

This leads me nicely on to who would be these guests who have the pleasure of being at the perfect barbecue event? Of course all of our families and friends, but we’re going to need some celebrities…

Will Smith, legendary actor, rapper; producer would be in the house (garden actually) to teach us all The Fresh Prince of Bel Air dance! There is no one more I would love to see do the dance than Boris Johnson, so he and his hair also makes the cut. Jessica insists that Adam Sandler is there because apparently he is ‘bae,’ and I’ll have Stevie G there for a kick around!

Sounds pretty good? I think we should try and get this event going! Does anybody have Boris’ number?

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  1. Hahaha what a cute post and such an enjoyable read!!! Love your food choices!! I agree there is nothing worse than a cheap burger urgh the thought makes me cringe!! LOVE lamb burgers! And triple cooked chips oh gosh *drool* you guys are my food soul mates!! I also agree with the Adam Sandler comment, I have this weird crush on him!! 😂 Xox

    1. Aw thank you! FOOD SOUL MATES YAS!
      We should so have out own BBQ meet up, how great would that be - defo no cheap burgers involved!
      OMG RIGHT!? I think it's the type of characters he plays, so humble, what a BAE!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓

  2. I cant wait to move so I can start having summer bbqs!!! xo

    1. Where are you moving to!? BBQs are life!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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