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Welcome to the Food & Baker food blogger series, which every blogger, vlogger, tweeter is welcome because what human being doesn't like food(!?) This is a just a simple, quick and fun series of food related questions to just to get to know each other and meet new bloggers!

We are super grateful to everyone who are involved! Let's get started!


I’m Sarah from ‘Its Sarah Ann’ - a ‘bit of everything blog’. I suppose you’d call it ‘lifestyle’ - I do travel, baking/recipes, restaurant reviews, random kinda funny (in my opinion) lists, the odd bit of beauty, and everything in between.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging after I left University, I was in a pass the time type job while looking to move to London and I wanted something for me, as an outlet for my creativity and something to put my mind towards.

Three Random Facts

1. My go to drink is a Gin and Tonic but if I’m on the cocktails there’s nothing better than a good espresso martini

2. My guilty pleasure is watching awful films, like those ones that 'Netflix recommends' but you know are going to be truly truly terrible.
3. I’m desperate to go to New Zealand and to Iceland (to see the northern lights)

Are you allergic to anything?

Only penicillin

What is your most favourite meal in the world?

Oooh crikey! Maybe a good old Mum’s roast dinner with all the trimmings (cauliflower cheese and stuffing please) or maybe a BBQ, or maybe just a grilled fish with some grilled Mediterranean veggies mmmmm

Are you more of a savoury or sweet kind of person?

I actually think I’m right down the middle… I mean, my favourite popcorn is sweet and salty! Sometimes I really crave something salty like crisps, sometimes I really crave chocolate – have you ever tried them together though? A chocolate button with a ready salted pringle really is something… 

Do you have any weird food/eating habits?

E.g. Eat with the fork and knife the other way around (bcus I do!)
I suppose the above would be one…

If you could travel anywhere in the world purely for its food, where would you go?

Croatia, I recently went there and all the fish and seafood was just incredible I just did not have a single bad meal while I was there! But to try something new would probably be somewhere like Morocco as I love spices, slow cooked meat and curries and things.

What is your favourite meal in the day and why?

I love breakfast, but only on weekends, I struggle to do anything more exciting than some strawberries on my Weetabix. So I’d have to say dinner really, as it’s just so versatile.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I HAATE this question… maybe pasta so you can do lots with it, is that allowed?

What would be the "out of the ordinary" thing you've eaten?

 I can't think... I've never had anything like insects or a crocodile or anything... 

Do you prefer to cook at home or eat out?

Both! I love cooking but you just replicate something quite like a chef can… Plus there’s no washing up…

Recipe: 'Corner Shop Rocky Road'

It is possibly one of my simplest recipes, but one of my best. I would argue that it’s the best rocky road of all time!

Whats your favourite post of ours?

I love all your Date Night posts! They give me ideas to make a bit more of an effort to get out and be smushy and romantic with my boyf rather than just watching netflix together.

Blog: www.itssarahann.com

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We would like to continue this series for as long as you all want to participate, so if you would like to take part in our blogger series, please do drop us an email on foodandbaker@gmail.com and we will send you back the details.


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