Favourites: 3 Restaurants in Chester

Since previously visiting James' family in Chester, it only seemed blogging appropriate to reminisce on the good places we've eaten at in Chester over the years together (although if you've seen in our previous posts from being there - we didn't eat in Chester at all haha)

Please note: We have limited our choices of restaurants we've been to that we don't have in London.

1. The Botanist

Honestly, it's amazing how time flies - this is actually the first restaurant I was taken to on my first ever visit to Chester, the first time meeting James' family and all - nearly two years ago now (this too should explain the terrible quality of this photo)

From what I can remember, The Botanist gave off such a lovely vibe, there was live enterainment inside, while we sat outside-ish area with blasting heat (it was November and hence the red tone of the photo too) It was like a high end pub and resturant I would say. Would love to go back again sometime soon, as I do recall loving their cocktails - as well as their desserts which we did come a second time for!

2. Hickory's

I remember always passing here, always packed full of lively people! I do believe this was a decision made after casually walking down the river waiting to feel hungry again - it was quite late actually or maybe it was just really dark. We waited inside by the bar with a few cocktails but waiting for a table outside, it seemed romantic looking actually, lights from the trees and it wasn't too cold.

We made such a big decison on getting the Suicide wings, believe the sname or find out for yourself! 

3. Hanky Panky

I personally really like Hanky Panky, this is actually out of all 3 the one we've been to the most - so why isn't is the first? I'm not sure, ask James :P

We've been here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, actually (okay not dinner, but a somewhat snack before dinner, which didn't end up being a good idea, but tasted amazing regardless)
Breakfast with a group of friends, lunch with Mum Baker, dinner-ish with Olivia! Could go for every occasion, any occasion or just because you're feeling for something pancakes - sweet or savoury, make your own or pick from the menu - you are spoilt for choice really! Can't forget about that hot chocolate now ;)

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Have you been to Chester? Have you been to any of these places? What do you think?


  1. I've never been to Chester before but those pancakes at Hanky Panky look amazing!


    1. They are, we actually went there Saturday (yesterday) afternoon! Although I just had a hot chocolate but just as good!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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