Lunch @ Tuttons, Covent Garden

Halloumi Orecchiette Pasta, grilled halloumi, sun blushed tomatoes, olives, lemon & mint pesto with almonds - £14.95 - James

We started today quite lazily as the last two nights have been so great but so exhausting - especially after long weeks at work. So we managed to get out of the house about 1pm and headed to Covent Garden to meet my family. 

They had been shopping in the morning and we're looking to get some lunch before their train early this evening. We hold a great affinity to this area as it was where we had our first date nearly two years ago!  

Wild Mushroom, Spinach & Peas with Puff Pastry, tarragon cream sauce with a leaf salad & pistou dressing - £14.95 - Jessica

Again we didn't know exactly where we wanted to eat, but we saw this place looked busy and after a quick look at what others were eating outside, we decided for this to be the one. 

It was another beautiful day, so beautiful that there were no tables outdoors, but inside had a great feel to it and there was a nice lunch time atmosphere. 

As it is with everywhere in Covent Garden, it was fairly pricey compared to the kind of places we would normally go for, but in fairness the food and service did it justice! 

I've had halloumi two meals in a row now, I don't know what it is at the moment! I guess you can never have enough cheese - and Jessica will never get enough of mushroom! So it did seem like the perfect meals for us both! 

After a quick ice cream stop at Venchi, we waved goodbye to my family at Covent Garden station, and took the walk to our next meal! Check out our next post... it's a good one! 

Food: ★★★★



  1. This place looks soo good! I too am a massive fan of hallumi when I go out to eat, it just tastes so good x

    1. It was, quite posh I must say haha - Oh I do love hallumi, but is it just me when it leaves a funny squeaky texture in your mouth ahha

      Thank you reading and commenting☺️💓


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