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We are back with our Favourites of the month and our Goals for the following, but first, let's begin with an overview of our previous months goals and what we've achieved!

July Goals Overview:

Remember in our last post, we posted our Goals for the previous month, this is how we got on with the list..

- Day trip to Birmingham; Cadbury's world [✓]
Messy start, ended up having to re-book, but we got there in the end, you can read all about it here (post live on Tuesday)

- Plan itinerary for Anniversary holiday [✓]
This was actually too organised and we know it's way too planned in advanced, but it was too exciting not to! Of course nothing is set in stone, but we've pretty much agreed on what we'll be doing each day.

- Keep up with Weekly Vlogging [✓]
Personally, I think we did well in this - we did say we'd start vlogging every interesting day and that we did!

- Plan August UK day/weekend trip(s) [✓]
We are heading to James' family home in Chester in two weeks and while we're up there, we'll be going for lunch in Liverpool, as well as hopefully having his sister come down to London for Bank Holiday weekend, to then take a sibling trip to Brighton! 

- Go to at least one Food Festival [✓]
We finally went to our first food festival in Shoreditch, which was the JustEat Food Fest.

- Go Up the O2 for a Date Night [✓]
YAY! We did it and what an accomplishment it was!

- Visit at least 2 independent coffee shops in London

As you can see, we managed to complete 99% of our goal list, except for maybe one of the most important one, our love for independent coffee shops! In our defence, we are also so busy on weekends and most coffee shops like that close at 6 on weekdays which clashes with our timetable!

July Favs:

Restaurant: Bintang
This restaurant was introduced to us, by our friend Rochelle, who coincidentally found it on Twitter - she thought it looked interesting and wanted to share the experience with us. We're always up for new food adventures and although it may not be exactly new cuisine to some, as it was Asian, with a twist I may add, and in no condition is this being biased, but the owner was too Filipino like us (Rochelle & I)! Delicious food and the dessert are diffidently something new!

Home cooked Meal: Salmon and Veg in Foil Bake
Who doesn't love a good foil bake? Must admit we don't do it often, but it's such an effortless way to make something and so well done and fresh too! Salmon, oh we do like salmon, but again, we don't have it much - definitely going to try more dishes like this again.


Twitter to Follow: @TeacupClub
This was an absolute no brainier, not only is TeacupClub a Twitter chat, not only do they retweet you when using their hashtag, they hold MEETINGS, which is the best thing invented! It is such an amazing supportive concept, where at 5PM on Mondays and Thursday, you get to share 1 POST, any of your choice and others to the same and you basically send each other comments! I love that you are able to have the chance to share a post you love, needs more love or simply that you want other to have more attention on - this is the place to be and we just want to thank TeacupClub and it's creator for their wonderful creation!

YouTube to Watch: @KMHvlogs
Ever since she decided to disappear for a week, we realised how empty that one Sunday was, it just wasn't complete without having watched her weekly vlog! Make to sure to show her some love and subscribe, she's so lovely, amazing and does the realist weekly vlogs :)

Date Night: Up at The O2
Don't get me wrong when I say this, but how could this one not be the favourite, so you know we love all of our date nights, but this was different - something I doubt I'd do again, it is one of those things you'd only want to do once, but oh it was eventful, tiring and sweaty, but that feel of accomplishment to the top and that view!

Purchase: Holiday Clothes
I think it's cheating saying this, but oh well, it's my blog haha, but this month has been preparing holiday clothes months in advance! I swear to you, I do not need to buy anymore, I have enough to wear on 3 holidays, once! To be fair, most summer clothes now are on sale, preparing for the next season, and but the time it actually reaches my holiday, there will be no summer clothes left for me. I will be doing a check Holiday Haul, sometime in the near future before the holiday ;) so look out for that!

Game: Scrabble
Not too long ago, we wanted to purchase some games, in which Scrabble was one of them - although you may say we've only played it twice since we've had it, one due to time and two, it is quite time consuming but had become a game we'd like to do more. It's just to relaxing in a way, to sit down with a cider to have a quiet night in - as well as trying to win, you're working your brain and possibly learning new words haha

August Goals:

- Start our own Twitter FOOD chat
- Go up & slide down the Orbit for a Date Night
- Go back to Brighton, for certain ice cream shop
-Attend the Notting Hill Carnival (James' first time)
- Reach 800 Twitter Followers
- Start using Blog Lovin' properly

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What are your July favourites? Do you have a goal/bucket list? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. I love the way you have done this post and so glad you managed 99% of your July Goals. I need to also go up the orbit and back down on the slide. It looks amazing!

    Such a lovely read :)

    Thanks for sharing
    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog | www.stephsworld.com

    1. Oh thank you, we love the way you set out your favourites but we never have much to write that we haven't already done haha

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  2. I can't wait to see where you in Brighton it's personally one of my favourite places to go and the food there is amazing! Congrats on such a great month X

    1. We've been there once before but there just wasn't enough stomach for the amount of places we wanted to eat haha so excited! Thank you!

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  3. HEY THAT'S ME. Well, my chat, but it's me! How nice of you to include me and #TeacupClub in this post. Ahh! Goal posts are always so interesting, and I love how this was a mixture of blog successes and life successes. Way to go, you two. XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    1. HAHA YES IT IS! Well how we not give you a shout out, or else I wouldn;t be having these current comments hahah

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  4. Loved reading this, you guys acheive so much & I bet it is going to be so cool looking back on these posts one day and seeing everything you have done! That Bintang food picture looks unreal!! I would SO get involved with your Twitter food chat if you held one! Keep us updated. XXX

    1. Aw yay, thank you! That is such a beautiful way of looking at it!
      Hopefully you see this on time or see my tweets but our FIRST CHAT IS TODAY AT 7!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  5. Ahh I absolutely love this layout for a favourites post, really gives it a nice twist! And that food looks divine. Also I think it's really impressive that you managed to complete so many of your goals and that you've set another lot of fairly realistic goals, I wish you the best of luck in achieving them! :)

    Pandora xo

    1. Oh well thank you ever so much! You're so sweet! We do try and hopefully we'll get to those coffee shops eventually haha

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  6. Aw this was such a lovely post! I'm so glad you guys have accomplished all these really cool things! Good luck with your future goals xx

    1. Aw thank you so so much!

      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓

  7. This is such a lovely post, congratulations on achieving almost all your July goals that's still an achievement! & let me know when the Twitter good chat is up and running and I'll be sure to join! Thanks for sharing Xxx


      Thanks for reading and commenting☺️💓


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