Event: JustEat Food Fest -Red Market, Shoreditch

From Cereal Killer Cafe we took the short walk to this place which is on Old Street. We found an event that was happening here just yesterday, and was lasting until Sunday, and with it being conveniently close to my, James' work, we had to come! 

This was especially as we've never actually been to a food festival in London, so this was our chance. It was by JustEat as all the stalls are on their website. As well as the food there was a bar, DJ, giant connect 4 and table football's and a pretty massive area for people to relax and socialise. Pretty cool! 

For the food stalls you had to buy tokens on the way in, and each dish was one token. Each token was £4 and it was 3 for £8. We ended up buying 6 tokens but we came home with two. 

We're not as daft as we seem though as the place we bought extra tokens for had sold out! But we will come back tomorrow! And you will have to come back to the blog to find out what it was! 

Back to the beginning, we started at Red Dog Saloon, Jessica choosing the Buffalo wings and I had the Cajun chicken wings. Jessica went straight for dessert after this, well she tried to, but I wasn't content so had a calzone pizza. 

All of the action from tonight will be on the vlog which will be up on Monday morning, so tune in to catch the great food and great vibes! 

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  1. Those wings look so good and I don't even like chicken wings ๐Ÿ˜‚ looking forward to seeing the vlog on Monday!

    Beth x

    1. How could you not like wings๐Ÿ˜ฉ What's there not to like!!!?!?!? They were sooooo good!
      Awwww yay, you watch our vlogs!? I think this weekend is a good one even if we do say so ourselves haha

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️๐Ÿ’“


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