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As mentioned in our June Favourites we purchased a NutriBlend on Groupon, which was a complete impulse buy I must add, but nevertheless a great and needed purchase!

So as newbies to making our own smoothies, we went with the safe option of buying ready mixed frozen fruits from Tesco. We do plan on making our own mixes and even smoothie bowls at some point in the future, but we thought we would share with you what we've already made and our experiences with this NutriBlend. 

So here's a little bit more detail about the NutriBlend and what it contained within the package:
(information taken from this website)

Designed to extract nutrients and vitamins from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds at the flick of a switch using the power of its 700W motor. It will chop and grind entire fruits and vegetables including their skins, seeds and stems, to ensure that all the goodness remains within the juice unlike other blenders that discard these nutritious elements. The blender comes with a selection of recipes to get you started and tumblers so you can store for later or just blend and go! 

Ten-piece set includes: Nutriblend power base, large tumbler (700ml), two small tumblers (350ml), blender blade, grinder blade, two tumbler handles and two stay fresh lids. 

Here we used the tropical fruit smoothie mix and in the past we've already used the spinach, mango, kiwi and kale smoothie mix and the summer fruits, all £2 each. Each packet has made two smoothies each, all with suggestions at the back to mix with apple juice.

Although, we the summer berries, we used semi-skimmed milk, which was lovely and made it like a thick yogurt texture, great for a smoothie bowl - and I think a favourite so far.

With the spinach, mango, kiwi and kale smoothie mix, we only had tropical juice at home, which worked just as well.  

As you can see, for the pictures above, we have been experimenting with different juices with the same frozen fruit mix, hence the two different colours ( one mixed with mango and papaya juice) - both tasted just as great as each other, but James did prefer the apple and raspberry juice mix better, so that's the one he took to work.

We will be making more and more smoothies, more experimenting and  trying new recipes, some which have been provided in the booklet and any inspirations you may have are welcome!

Overall, we are very pleased with this product, as well as the outcome is gives. We have been making smoothies for our breakfast travels to work and we hope that this will give us more motive to start being a little more healthy.

Soon come smoothie bowls, homemade soup and more freakshakes!

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What are your favourite smoothie mixes? What blender do you use?

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