Dinner @ Misato - Wardour Street, London

Chicken Katsu Curry - £6

We've never had date night on a Wednesday before, but considering we are going to a gig on Friday when we would normally do it, and apparently The Last Shadow Puppets aren't good enough to qualify as a date night (whatever!)

You'll be able to read about our full night when our regular Date Night post goes up on Sunday, but for now, we'll just tell you about our dinner. We were both super hungry and not wanting to go too overboard on spending - so this type of place is perfect for a day like this. Unless you're getting sushi of course, Japanese and Chinese restaurants always tend to be much cheaper than most other cuisines. Myself, James never really thinks of this option, but Jessica is a lover of this kind of thing!

She suggested a place which does a bigger and arguably better Chicken Katsu Curry than Wagamama, so that was enough to consider myself sold and after a quick trip to an ATM (they only take cash) and a little bit of a wait to get seated, we were in!

Inside is really tiny, the tables are very close together and we ended up being a bit squashed in the corner, but I guess it's the kind of feel they're going for, and we all know everybody in there is there purely for the food! That's a good job, because it tasted great, but most of all, it's great value for money! 

It was just £6 for an evidently large amount of food, making this what must be one of our cheapest meals out ever! We think it would be unfair to compare it to Wagamama due to the lacking of overall experience, but you cannot argue with the price and convenience!

Afterwards, we took a stroll next door, yes, literally next door to get dessert - a green tea black bean cake, and a coffee cake.

Food: ★★★

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