Date Night: Dinner & Ice Bar

Pork chop with rice and fried egg - Jessica

So date night has had to be moved this week because I, James am going on a family holiday this Friday night - so Thursday it was! 

Our original plan was to go to the brand new Bone Daddies on Old Street (just across the road from where I work), but we got there to see a massive line outside. Understandable to be fair because it was the last day of them offering 50% off. But we will go back again some time soon! 

We could not afford to wait as we had a booking for the Ice Bar at 9.30, and it just wasn't worth the risk! 

Organic chicken curry - James

After wandering around the area on my lunch a few times, I know of a few decent restaurants. But I have actually been here with some of my colleagues, and seeming Jessica and I have never had Vietnamese together before, it only made sense to come! 

It's not the most fancy restaurant in the world, but the food is fantastic! And they even give you a knife and fork without having to ask... perfect! 

Time flew and before we knew it, we had left ourselves just enough time to get to Piccadilly Circus for the IceBar! I've had this in mind for ages and I cannot figure out why we haven't yet done it. But being the darling boyfriend I am when I was searching for best romantic dates in London, it reminded me of it! I doubt it would have crossed my mind in the middle of summer to be honest! 

For £16.50 each you are given a gown, gloves and your first cocktail, which are served in an ice glass of course! Literally everything but the floor is made of ice, it's absolutely incredible! I really don't know how it's possible! We really recommend it to anyone, whether it's with friends, family or your boyfriend/girlfriend! Every type of person seemed to be in there! 

The slots are 40 minutes which I think is just right in -5 degrees weather (I know it's not weather but!) I was cold but Jessica somehow wasn't, but that outside breeze was lovely when we got back outside. 

A professional photographer is also there for everyone and sells them for £10 each, in a frame. Not too bad compared to other places which do that, so we bought one! 

A date night to remember and as I'm not here next week, I must get a nice trick up my sleeve to make up for it in two weeks time! 

Food: ★★★



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    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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  2. The curry chicken looks TDF! I've always wanted to try an Ice Bar, but I'm already naturally cold as is, don't know if I could make it =P


    1. It was so good with the right amount of spice!
      It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although the other half would say otherwise. If you do go, which I think you should, just make sure to wear your own extra layers haha

      Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️💓

  3. Woah that food looks incredible & so does the ice bar! I love the fact you both set time aside for date nights and you're such a cute couple! :) Looks like you had a great experience xo


    1. It tasted just as good as it looked! It was a lovely experience, always good to try something new!

      Aww thank you, we live together but within that it's easy to lose spontaneity when you're so comfortable with each other, if you know what I mean, so it's important to us to have that proper alone time!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💓


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