Lunch @ Las Iguanas - Westfield Stratford, London

Chilli con carne - a rich chunky beef and black bean chilli, with spring onion rice and jalapeño buttermilk cornbread, hot habanero and pequin chilli - £10.95 - Jessica

Today we returned to Stratford as we promised ourselves when we took the trip here for the Rooftop Cinema a couple of weeks back. We wanted to explore this Westfield instead of the one in Shepherds Bush, and also see the Olympic Park. 

Lunch was obviously the first course of action when we got here, and as Las Iguanas is one of the inly major chains of restaurant that we haven't been to now, we chose to come here. The food and cocktails were great, but as it was super super busy (seemingly everywhere we went today), the service was a bit slow - but no blame attached to our waitress.

Smoked chipotle chicken burrito stuffed with chipotle rice, refried beans, crunchy slaw and cheese. With salad, soured cream with garlicky chipotle sauce on the side - £10.95 - James

We shopped for a little bit but lost motivation with how busy it was - we'll come back on a weekday next time! Infant the most exciting purchase of the day was a basketball like hoop for my head (and apparently my head only), with ping pong balls to try and get in! It was from a shop called Tiger, which sells the most random, impractical items i've ever seen, but yet seems to hypnotise you whilst in the shop to make you think you would be doing the world an injustice by leaving empty handed! And clearly, we were victims to this today!

Holy guacamole with red onions, tomato and tortilla chips - £4.00
Strawberry Red cocktails - £8.50

After being rinsed of £3 for this 'commodity,' we left and took a short stroll towards the Olympic Park. It turned out to be just as busy here as we found ourselves in a crowd heading for an AC/DC concert which was happening at the stadium in the evening. We were obviously not expecting this and it also meant that a lot of the area was restricted for ticket holders for the event. We debated going up the Orbit, but as the weather wasn't the best, we decided to do it another day. 

Passion fruit macaroon ice-cream sandwich - £4.50, Pistachio macaroon ice-cream sandwich  -£4.50

A plan of ours for Sunday was to go to Yolkin which I believe to be in Piccadilly. It has come extremely popular for their Ice Cream Macaroon sandwiches. But as we were heading back to the station, we spotted people with these - and we were already craving something sweet by this point. So we made it our quest to find where they got them from. We luckily found it inside of Westfield, at a market called L'orchidee - so we had these before leaving!

Food: ★★★★

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