Lifestyle: June Favourites & July Goals

A week or two ago, we ran a Twitter poll asking you guys, as a couple blog, would you like to read about our monthly favourites and life goals etc.

To be honest, we're not sure how these are meant to go or how they're meant to be laid out, as I've only read beauty bloggers do these kind of things but hey, we'll give it a shot and let us know if this is something you'd continue to read every month!

June Favs:


Restaurant: Flat Iron
Of course the free steak and side was going to feature, how could this not be a favourite! The Shoreditch branch is much more spacious than the Soho one that we went to in May, so as well as it being a favourite resturant in June, it is also the favourite branch overall.

Homemade Meal: Jasmine rice with prawns, muschrooms & pak choi
This one was pretty much the only homemade meal we had blog about this month, so it must be a favourite right? Lately, we've been having a few cheat meals - when I say that I mean, meals we didn't make from scrtach ourselves, mostly stuff like bought oven chicken with mix vegetables from M&S.


Twitter to Follow: @CBeeChat
Last week Thursday, we had the priveledge to guest host #Beechat and was able to talk to you lovely people about our favourite subject - FOOD! It was so much fun, everyone was so active and supportive! @blogabtnothing1 is the creator and #beechat is on every Monday, 5PM and Thursday, 9PM!

YouTube to Watch: MamaPapa Nelson
We just want to welcome and support our new blogger friend (and her cute little family) a big welcome to the vlogging life - Francesca has recently uploaded her first ever vlog, which you can watch here. Give her a like, comment and subscribe!


Face Scrub: LUSH dark angels
Okay, I know we're not a beauty blog and no where near one, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to add a little part of it since we do have a lot of supportive beauty bloggers and hey, we still care about what we look like too aha this was actually recommended to me and also my first ever LUSH product. I love a face scrub you can proper feel it doing something, but can be controlled to be made softer with certain amounts of water which is great to use for every day use.


Purchase: NutriBlend
To be honest, this was an complete impulse buy - saw it on groupon and without a second thought, it was purchased! I want to make the excuse that we needed one, due to the fact that we didn't have a blender to make milkshakes, but over time, I convinced myself it was the best purchase ever - make smoothies (which we have and will blog about) and be all healthy and stuff with soup and all.

Date Night: The Comedy Store
Read all about what we thought of this night, which is a part of our Date Night last week. We would love to come again but maybe with some friends to enjoy too.

Activity: Oxygen
We were invited by our friends Micah & Eric to accompany them to this place, which we didn't even think one existed in London and the one we did know of were out of London - we planned to go to one near Sheffield, but we ran out of time there. It was seriously so much fun and also counts as exercise - you enjoy this hour with family, a group of friends. your other half and children!

Game: The resistance
There has been a long awaited time, we've been planning to have this game night for over a year now - no word of a lie, do you know hard it is to have everyone together when everyone of your friends work. Well anyway, you can imagine the expectation it held, and oh how we were not disappointed. We were told that this game can ruin friendships, we really do understand why now - such an intense game, but so easy to pick up on. Might have to purchase it ourselves!

Side note: you can watch all these activities listed in 'Other' on our latest VLOG!

July Goals:

- Day trip to Birmingham; Cadbury's world
- Plan itinerary for anniversary holiday
- Keep up with weekly vlogging
- Plan August UK day/weekend trip(s)
- Go to at least one Food Festival
- Go Up the O2 for a Date Night
- Visit at least 2 independent coffee shops in London

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What are your June favourites? Do you have a goal/bucket list? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. You both hosted a brilliant BeeChat, I was so hungry at the end haha! You'll enjoy Cadbury World if you visit, it's chocolate heaven!

    Sally x

    1. Oh yay! We're glad you enjoyed it! It was crazy, in all the best ways possible!
      We booked yesterday to go to the Cadbury's world for next month - so exciting! Will defo blog about it, of course!

      Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Loved this! Definitely do more of these! And thank you for the mention!
    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it, we defo will now! No problem hun, it was well deserved!

      Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️ 💓

  3. Love your goals section on the post. Something I think I want to incorporate into my favourites. Also love the shout-outs you give. That's so nice.

    Lovely post both.

    Steph xx

    1. Yay glad you like it! Oh yes, that would be nice to read from you too!

      Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️💓

  4. Lucky you going to Cadbury world! I hope you'll be vlogging it! 😍 I totally agree with #beechat as a fave too, and you guys did a fab job of hosting!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. So so excited for it! Indeed we will be vlogging, hopefully we'll be allowed to!
      Thank you very much, it was so much fun hosting!

      Thank you for commenting and reading ☺️💓

  5. Omg you darlings!!! So sorry we've only just seen this!! Thank you for being so supportive and welcoming to us in the vloggin world we love it so much & love your videos too!! 😘😘😘 www.mylifeinrosetintedglasses.wordpress.com

    1. Oh yay! No worries, it's pleasure! Thank you thank you for all your support too!

      Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️💓


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