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Recently, we've been looking for new blogs and talking to new people via Twitter and we thought we'd share the love in looking through people's blogs and commenting on our favourites - we came across Sarah's post here and thought we'd give it ago! 

This is a fun tag, where there are 15 sets of questions with 4 answers for each. I know usually this is set out for one person, but since there's two of us, we've spilt the answers in two and/or our answers are joint! We hope you enjoy! 

Four Nicknames People Call Me:
1. Jam Jam - Jessica
2. Princess - Jessica
3. Baker - James
4. Bakey - James

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1.  Sales assistant - Jessica
2.  Events organiser - Jessica
3. Waiter - James
4.  Marketing assistant - James

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1. Shrek
2. School of rock
3. Zombieland - Jessica
4. Home alone - Jessica

Four Disney Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1. Frozen - Jessica
2. High school musical
3. Toy story 
4. Cars - James

Four Books Or Authors I’d Recommend:
1. The girl on the train
2. Looking for Alaska, John Green - Jessica
3. Road Dahl - James
4. Henry Winter - James

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1. London - Jessica
2. Chester - James
3. Sheffield - James
4. London - James

Four Places I’ve Visited:
1. Barcelona
2. Florence - James
3. Australia - Jessica
4. Paris

Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now:
1. Sleeping
2. Eating a big slice of cake
3. Watching a movie
4. Twitter

Four foods I Don’t Like:
1. Black pudding - Jessica 
2. Brussels sprouts - Jessica
3. Kiwi - James
4. Humous - James

Four Favourite foods:
1. Creamy mashed potato
2. Mushrooms
3. Fish Pie
4. Steak

Four Shows I Watch:
1. Orange is the new black - Jessica
2. Orphan black - Jessica
3. The Apprentice - James
4. Dragons Den - James

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year:
1. Anniversary holiday
2. Olympics - James
3. Christmas
4. More foodie/travel adventures

Four Things I’m Always Saying:
1. I'm sleepy
2. I'm hungry
3. Can we eat now?
4. What are we having for dinner?

Four Youtubers You Should Watch (clickable):

Four Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow (clickable):
4. @lanirae18

Please feel free to do this tag yourself, we'd love to see your answers! Leave your links/answers below!

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  1. Hey Jessica and James!!
    YAY!!! So pleased you loved my post and have taken it on! I loved reading your answers!!! It's such a fun way to get to know someone better by asking them silly questions!! 8-) hehe! I did you Food Tag Post, so feel free to have a snoop of that if you like!!! Tag posts are fast becoming some of my favourites to do, so if you find more please let me know!
    Loving your blog.....keep it up!
    Sarah | @sunshinesarahxo | www.writingrambling.co.uk

    1. It was such a good tag to do - you're so right, tags like these are the such a fun way to get to know someone!

      Yes, we've seen it but will definitely leave a comment! Will be sure to tag you in our next one if we do find a good one!

      Thanks for reading and commenting ☺️💓


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