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A few days ago, we discussed about creating a Food Question Tag, but I knew there would be one floating around that would have better questions than we would have come up with - so as one would, we Google'd it and we found one!

As a couple food blog, we decided to answer separately, as you can imagine, we actually do like different things, but some may answer as one. Please do answer as you wish.

We wanted to do this and hope to get to know you foodie bloggers and you none-food bloggers - we have added a bonus question at the end, a question which we, Food & Baker, are asking, if you do choose to participate and wish to tag others, we would like to start something new in asking you to change the bonus question to your own and hopefully create a cycle.

1. What's your favourite breakfast?
Jessica - I don't really eat breakfast (I know what kind of a foodie am I) but when we do, anything with avocado will do it for me!

James - Now I am a breakfast person - the day hasn't started properly without food! If I have some time on my hands, scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast is great!

2. How do you drink your coffee?
Jessica - 2 sugars and milky

James - 1 sugar and just a drop of milk

3. What's on your favourite sandwich?
Jessica - Prawn and mayonnaise OR salmon and cream cheese.

James - Anything with chicken!

4. Soup or Salad?
Jessica - This is hard, depends on what meal of the day it is, I usually crave both at different times - soup is just like a hug in the inside and salad is for when I know I've eaten way too much for life and I just need to lighten it up a bit.

James - Soup soup soup! I don't get salad haha

5. What's your favourite cookbook?
Jessica - I don't own any, but have used some in the past of James'

James - My slow cooker books from Lakeland are great and been a great source of inspiration! 

6. No more sweets or no more hearty foods?
Jessica - You'd be surprised to know I'm not exactly a sweet fan and we're all about hearty foods!

James - No more sweets! I actually agree with Jessica on this one!

7. What's your favourite Cuisine?
Jessica - Oh Italian, you can't beat a classic pasta dish!

James - Yep, meant to be together after all!

8. What's your favourite food movie?
Jessica - Ratatouille 

James - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (if that counts?)

9. What's your most guilty pleasure?
Jessica - OMG crisps, you don't even understand - I could honestly eat 40 packets in one sitting!

James - Chocolate!

10. What's your greatest inspiration source?
Jessica - Pinterest 

James - Is it sad to say BBC Good Food?

11. Cooking at home or going out for dinner?
Jessica - We are a sucker for anything, you might tell from the blog that it's going out, but we do enjoy cooking together

James - If I could go out for meals all the time I would

12. High end or low profile?
Jessica - High end is always a luxury but nothing beats an independent coffee shop or eatery 

James - No way of choosing, there has to be a good mix!

13. What's your favourite restaurant?
Jessica - I don't think I have one, but if I had to pick one, I think I would say Vapianos

James - Piccolino 

14. I do my grocery shopping at:
It varies: Tesco, Iceland and M&S

15. The tastiest food I've ever eaten was:
Jessica - That I will answer once I've eaten everything in the world!

James - Impossible question 

16. What's your favourite cocktail?
Jessica - Long Island iced tea, I do love me a splash of tequila ;)

James - Something with strawberry in, and without amaretto - if I wanted Calpol I would have some

17. Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
Jessica - Will all you foodies kill me if I ask who's Heston Blumenthal? 

James - How the heck doesn't she know who Heston is? What a legend - Heston all day!

18. What should not be missing in your kitchen?

19. What's your favourite snack?
Jessica -  I wouldn't say I snack but if I had to pick anything but crisps, I would say dried apricots.

James - Hula Hoops

20. What's on your pizza?
Jessica - Mmmm jalapeños, olives, some sort of meat, bbq base - anything else is just a bonus

James - Every type of meat possible!

21. What food do you really dislike?
Jessica - I pretty much eat everything, except brussel sprouts and black pudding (it's not that I don't like it, I would just prefer not to eat them)

James - Kiwi's just shouldn't exist in this world

22. What's your favourite food blog?
It is biased if we said each others ;)
But in all seriousness, there are many we have yet to discover and in all different specialities, but at the moment we're loving baking ones as we'd want to start baking a bit more (we may do a separate post on our favourite blogs in the near future - food and none food related)

23. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
We wouldn't call it weird in a bad way because it was actually very tasty, but weird in the sense that we thought we wouldn't actually eat it - snails.

24. What's on your food bucket list?
We've got a long list (to make and restaurants), maybe we'll post that in a separate post? Let us know in the comments below!

25. I couldn't live without:
Jessica - POTATO

James - Water

BONUS question:
If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Jessica - MASHED POTATO (sorry these answers from me are becoming repetitive)

James - Fish pie - it suits every type of mood

We really hope you enjoyed reading our answers to these questions, please feel free to copy and paste them and answer them yourselves, do tag us or comment below your answers/link, we'd love to read them all and get to know you more on the topic we all know and love!


  1. Hey guys!

    Loved this tag, will definitely be taking part!!!! 8-)

    Thanks so much!!

    Sarah xoxo

    1. Yay! We're glad, look forward to reading it! ☺️💓

  2. Great tag post. Am looking forward to doing it on my blog :)

    1. Oh yay! Do leave a link when you've done it - we'd love to read your answers! ☺️💓


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