How To: MORE Milkshakes!!

Okay okay, this isn't exactly a "How To" - I did that already, which you can find here. Of course as you can see, I did things slightly different here but nevertheless pretty much the same (I just wanted a reason to show off my wonderful creation, even if I do say so myself)

Both milkshakes inside are caramel flavoured this time, although on the left, it has strawberry sauce inside (you may or may not be able to see it as it sank to the bottom) along with strawberries pieces inside at the bottom, as well as being decorated with strawberries hanging from the side and yay there is whipped cream, along with a jam doughnut and more strawberry sauce and more strawberry pieces - can you tell someone likes strawberry?

And on the right, is done the same way as previously, just decorated differently with Nutella spread around the edge as a glue to hold up the cut brownie pieces, along with a jam doughnut, whipped cream with more Nutella sauce.

Side note: Straws are thick and very good for milkshakes (and bubble tea) and they come in a pack of different colours - from IKEA.

I can't promise this will be the last of you seeing milkshakes on this page, but I will make sure to aim bigger and better!

You could also watch how we made it at the end of last weeks vlog -

What toppings would you have on top of your milkshake?

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