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WINNER: @blogabtnothing1

Hello you beautiful people, as you should know, in the beginning of May, we reached our goal target of 25,000 views for 2016 (don't know how on earth we've managed to reach that in 5 months) for a very simple blog like ours, it's just a little hard to believe.

So in honour of hitting 30,000, we though it was time to do another giveaway, one which everyone and anyone of our viewers in the UK can win! 

Unfortunately, it's nothing crazy expensive, just a little something we thought could be used for many purposes, and of course being from Jessica's favourite stationary shop - Paperchase (this is not sponsored) - a very cute cupcake scrapbook kit with a somewhat matching pen. 

This giveaway will run for exactly a week today and the winner will be announced via Twitter, followed by a Direct Message asking for your details and explaining how long it will take to deliver etc, at 6PM.

The winner will be picked at random by ourselves, as we don't want to use a system which you would have to fill out a form for. 

Please find below the terms and conditions to be able to enter this giveaway. 

Terms & conditions:

1. To enter this giveaway it is compulsory to Follow our Twitter (@foodandbaker) & Retweet our Pinned Tweet - followed by a reply which should consist of your favourite Food & Baker blog post (following our other social media would be a bonus and may or may not give you more chance to win)

2. You must be a resident in the UK to enter.

3. If under the age of 18, you must ask your parents permission to give your address to us, if you have are the chosen winner. 

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read our blog and we hope we can give more to you in the future. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your evening - get retweeting! :D


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