Favourites: 3 FREE Things To Do in London

So as we all know, London is not a cheap place to visit, let alone live in. But there are ways to spend your days without having to splurge too much! You may argue that if you want the best, you may have to have a little spare cash hanging around, but if you don't, here are our top 5 free things to do here!

1. The Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street

We came here last summer on a beautiful afternoon, which made the views even more incredible than they would be normally. If you don't know what The Sky Garden is, it's a public garden space... in the sky (kind of!) It gives you incredible views of London, restaurants (this bit doesn't come free obviously), and a great place to just chill and socialise!

Although it's free, you must book in advance as it gets really busy, and obviously they don't want too many people up there at the same time. Security is tight - it's like going through an airport, and then you are taken in a lift which takes no time at all. Suddenly you are at the top of one of London's highest buildings and you are free to explore! Personally, we believe this is much better than pay upwards of £12 to go up The Shard. Although it's nowhere near as high, it's much prettier and you can buy yourself a couple of cheeky cocktails with the money you've saved!

2. Go to a Recording of a TV Show

London is the home of all your favourite UK TV shows (as well as Salford), and the tickets are always free! Together, we have only been to Mr & Mrs, and The X Factor. We did try to go to The Graham Norton Show last week, but there comes the risk - you aren't guaranteed entry in many cases. They oversubscribe the tickets to ensure the audiences are full, but if you do get in, you're in for a lot of free fun!

Head over to SRO Audiences, or Applause Store websites to bag yourself some tickets!

3. The Museums

Of course, the most obvious thing to do for free in London is to go to one of many of the museums that are dotted all around the city. Together, we have been to the Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum - both were incredible! You don't even have to be interested in History or Science if that makes sense - I'm not normally that much interested in either, but it didn't stop me having a great afternoon out and learning a lot along the way!


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