Favourites: 3 Places to Visit in the UK

We do love a good weekend away without having to travel too far! So staying in the UK has become a thing we do every now and then! So here our our top 3 places to visit - of course this is only out of the places we have been to together, so at the end we'll give you a bit of a plan in terms of where we want to visit in the future. 

1. Brighton

As we said a couple of weeks ago in this post, Brighton is the perfect getaway from London when you want somewhere to have a chilled day or weekend, with there still being great vibes and plenty to do! On a sunny day you of course have the beach and the pier, and setback from their is The Lanes which is full of quirky independent shops, restaurants and cafes. The first time we visited we went to the theatre to see Gangsta Granny - it doesn't compare to the West End but it's much cheaper and still great entertainment! And although we didn't go inside, the Royal Pavilion is another great tourist attraction.

2. Bath

By far the prettiest and unique destination on this list! It is full or history, heritage and looks absolutely immaculate. We only had an afternoon there but it was well worth the long journey that I took from Chester, and it's really not far from London at all! The main point of our visit was to the Roman Baths which is amazing! To be honest, we didn't take in too much of the educational part of the museum, but it was still a lot of fun and it's great for pictures! It's not too far away fromBristol, which is where we stayed (it's so much cheaper than Bath). Although all we did here was go to the nearby shopping centre and visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This out does London Bridge every day of the week!

3. Sheffield

Okay so we weren't sure whether to include this as a place to visit as I lived there for two years and will be back next year too, but we do honestly believe it is a great place to go for a weekend. You won't see it on many top places to visit articles/blogs, but it treated us well! Hidden away are so many gems! From the plethora of independent coffee shops and restaurants, city centre parks and green spaces, and nearby Peak District, there is actually a lot to do! 

Where do We Want to Go Next?

To be honest, we could list and list places until we've covered all spots of the UK, but we especially want to go to Edinburgh, Oxford, and we are booking Birmingham tonight for next month! 



  1. Great post! I have never been to Sheffield before. I LOVED bath though - I agree, so pretty. Although it has been years since I went. We are lucky really, we have got some lovely places to explore! :)
    I'm about 20 mins outside of Birmingham, what have you guys got planned there? x


    1. Sheffield wouldn't have been somewhere I'd thought I'd go, but as mentioned, James lived there for 2 years, as we I most weekends and if you're a foodie and like a relaxed weekend/day trip - I would now highly recommend it!

      We're only in Birmingham (or near it you may say) for a day, going to Cadbury's world, would you by any chance know any good places to eat around there?

      Thank you for reading and commenting :)

  2. Oh Cadbury World - you will be slightly out of the way a little there! I say... Fill up on chocolate!! :D

    Have a lovely time x

    1. Yeah we thought so, but we might try go into Birmingham if we have time!
      Haha that's the plan, thank you :)


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