Dinner @ Spaghetti House - Westfield, London

Lasagne pasticciate - home made beef lasagne, béchamel sauce and gran padano - £11.75 

Incoming text from Jessica in the middle of the afternoon asking if I want to see Conjuring 2 tonight -  yeah sure! I never find films scary, but oh how tonight was different! Anyway, on to that in a bit!

I met her and Charlyn after work at Westfield for some dinner beforehand, and after wanting to come here before last weeks cinema trip to see Money Monster, our time had come for some spaghetti - well, Lasagne actually.

Tagliatelle al salmone - fresh egg pasta, kiln smoked salmon, cream baby spinach and silicon fennel seeds - £13.95

It was pretty quiet for Westfield standards tonight, so the waiters and waitresses obviously didn't have much to do - we were asked if we would like to order drinks by three different workers, and if everything was okay a fair few times too! It could be good customer service or a bit annoying - I'm not quite sure! Although definitely much better than waiting and not being asked at all! The food was great!

Bruschetta avocado - crushed avocado, egg, sundried tomato, sunflower seeds and lemon dressing - £5.50

Timing worked out great to get to the cinema across the road at West 12 for the film at 7.55. Hands down, the scariest film I've ever seen! If you like horror films, it comes recommended by me! Especially knowing it is based on a true story and based in London, I felt like I was holding my breath for the whole two hours! We won't ruin the story - just go and see it!

Food: ★★★

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  1. YUM! I love Spaghetti...well Carbonara to be exact!! Def my fave!! Haha! Not seen The Conjuring 2 but I do love me a good horror! ahaha! Seems like you had a good night and like you say sometimes it's best to asked 3 times than not at all!
    Awesome post guys....making me hungry for carbonara now though...! xoxo

    1. Oh yes! Carbonara is definitely my fav too, but I felt to have a change as I did have it a few days before this date haha I do love my carbs!

      Oh Conjuring 2 is a film you'd want to watch - get me up at 4am🙈 Hahaha


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