Dinner @ Flat Iron, Shoreditch - London

The Flat Iron Steak, served with house leaf salad - £10
Dripping cooked chips - £2.50
Creamed spinach - £3

It's Monday afternoon and you receive an email calling out for FREE STEAK! Would you even have a second thought? No, well yes if there's an England football match - but FREE steak, right around James' work from 6PM - why the heck not, right?

Let's start from the beginning, there's a new Flat Iron that opened in Shoreditch today and they are giving away their steak and a side for FREE! We've here once before, not too long ago actually and it was great - worth the money and all! So of course we had to jump at the chance of it being free!

As James stood far far far back in the line, as he waited for me, Jessica (as I finish work later and had to travel 45 minuets to get there), we though we'd at least be near enough by the time I got there.

Oh how we were wrong, just about half way from where James originally started when I got there, but we felt we should stick it out. They did hand out a free cocktail to all and a bag of popcorn, which I guess was good enough.

We were about 6 tables away from being seated but it was getting close to the 8 PM kick off... should we stay or should we go? I don't know about you, but James had been standing in that line for about 2 hours and I about an hour and a bit, I wasn't going to waste that and nor was I going to sit during a match starving - a hungry Jessica is not a happy Jessica.

James must love me more than football or should I say he loves food more than football because we stayed and since we were so close to the door - we connected to their wifi and James watched the football in the line, to when we sat down and ate - I won't complain, he had the best of both worlds and I got my free steak!

We ordered two more extra sides and that's all we paid for! 2 steaks and 4 sides, all for £6.75 (inc. service charge) not bad ey!

We then of course proceeded to a some what empty bar called Hoxton 7 to finish the game - would have had a drink or two but we just wasn't feeling it, so a coke it was. It was a lovely spontaneous evening, although a very long one!

Food: ★★★★

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  1. "A hungry Jessica is not a happy Jessica" - that's the same in my house! Glad you got your steak in the end though, it looks so good!
    Jess - jessandjoshcook.com xx

    1. HAHAHAHA oh yes!! It tastes so good, so worth the wait, even the money if we paid! You should definitely try it if you ever find yourselves in London! ☺️💓

  2. I really wanted to try here when I came in London, but it was fully booked near where we were! It looks amazing.. maybe next time! Your blog looks so good! xx

    1. Yeah, they're always so so busy! Defo worth the price, so you can imagine why!

      Thank tou so much for reading and commenting! ☺️💓


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