Dessert @ Nosteagia, Shoreditch - London

Jessica - Strawberry dream - strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce - £4
James - Mr. Oreo - Oreo, whipped cream and chocolate sauce - £4.50

This evening was a somewhat spontaneous "date" - we decided today was the day we would meet up after work and head over to Shoreditch, not too far from his work, to get these Instagram famous desserts, also know as bubble waffles.

Of course before dessert, Food & Baker wouldn't be Food & Baker if we never had a main dish, before or after dessert.

So originally we looked around the same area where Nosteagia was in, but nothing there tickled our taste buds, as James was feeling for nachos and I, Jessica was craving sushi, so being in Shoreditch, we knew we could find something and so we did!

Literately, the next road down, we found another food stall type market, called PUMP - fun fact, used to be a gas station, hence the name, which we thought was pretty smart - which had pizza and burritos (and nachos), so that's what we went for, although I never got my sushi, I was satisfied with my brisket burrito and guacamole, as James was with his pulled pork burrito and nachos!

Apologises for the lack of picture of our dinner, but theres not much to what a burrito looks like.

So, back to the bubble waffles - they are so Instagram worthing, evidently, but I won't lie, they taste just as you would imagine a normal waffle tastes like with strawberries or Oreos, but nevertheless, still worthy of the journey, along with dinner and the walks along Brick Lane.

Where would you suggest we have our next "Instagram worthy" dessert?

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