Date Night: The Perfect Garden Picnic

It's in the name really, for Date Night this week, I, Jessica thought it was time to add some home creativity for Date Night. As most people would have their picnic in the park, I thought there no better way to have a nice picnic in our very small front garden. 

Since it's "summer" in the UK, we thought it was that time of the year to put up the gazebo for that shade from when the suns too hot and let's face it, a shield for that unexpected rain and you're not exactly ready to stop the party.

Originally, I wanted to add fairy lights around the gazebo, but it was still very light out but now you have the idea, you could always do so. Of course we had a shared blanket, see if you was in a park could you add your own fairy lights? Cute candles? Use the house wifi to snuggle and watch a film? To have the comfort of knowing your toilet is a minute away? And still be able to enjoy the natures of your own plants and flowers - Oh the joys and benefits right?

From our previous dinner shop in the new M&S simply foods, the day before, we decided to get a somewhat afternoon tea inspired picnic treats, along with some Pimms and lemon, as well as making a few baking bits myself, which I will link below!

M&S bought goodies:

- 2 classic selection sandwiches, BLT, prawn mayo and smoked ham & mustard  mayo (cut in half, again)
- Bistro and Italian style baby leaf salad with avocado (drizzled with olive oil)
- 9 mini afternoon tea fairy cakes
- 4 classic dip selection, sour cream & chive, thousand island, onion & garlic and cheese and chive (served with cut cucumber and yellow pepper sticks)
- 2 scotch eggs
- 6 mini millionaires shortbread
- 3 cans of Pimm's served in a job of strawberries
- Packet of four cheese and red onion combo mix

Home baked goodies:

We hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed creating it. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite picnic treats?



  1. Beautiful post.
    Totally wish I could have gate crashed and shared that caramel shortcake with you guys!
    Keep doing what you're doing!
    Love it!


    1. Thank you Charlene!
      Haha well there's always next time ;)
      Always appreciate your comments <3


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