Tips & Tricks: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

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Ever since I, James came into Jessica's life, the one major change I'd say I've made is the shift in cup of tea standard! Now I don't mean to show off, but I know how to make a proper brew! So here how is to make the perfect cup of tea (according to Food & Baker at least)...

1) There is only one necessity in this whole process and that is a Gold M&S teabag - I will accept Yorkshire Tea, but in my experience, M&S is the best! So step number one is to get yourself down to the nearest store and buy 160 of these bad boys! Yes 160, the 80 box just won't last!

2) Once back home, whack the kettle on! Don't think you're smart and start preparing yourself by inserting tea bag and sugar into a cup or mug - you're missing out an important step! Once the kettle has boiled fill your mug and swirl the water around for about 30 seconds so the cup is piping hot and it's condensation galore on the inside!

3) Once this water has been emptied, you can now put your M&S teabag and 1 teaspoon of sugar (brand is personal preference here) in to your nicely condensated cup (is condensated a word haha!)

4) Coloured water will not do, and neither will a cold, overly brewed mess - so keep that teabag in for 4-5 minutes. Patience is key - and it's well worth the wait! Every minute or so give it a stir and a light squeeze - but please whatever you do, do not split the tea bag! This would be game over!

5) Before responsibly recycling the teabag give it a final stir and then put a drop or two of milk in until its a beautiful golden colour! Step number 2 will ensure that the tea is still hot hot hot!

6) Don't you dare start dipping biscuits in the tea! Don't even get me started on this!

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How do you take your tea? Milk and 1 sugar like us?


  1. I also really like yorkshire tea bags, actually I haven't tried M&S, so I really should. I also have never condensed my cup, that I will also try! I don't like sugar in my tea, but the rest of your hints sound like a pretty perfect cup. Its true we British love our tea!

    1. Thank you Amanda!
      You should defo try these tricks we learnt for the best cup of tea, I'm officially converted to M&S tea bags, others cannot live up to it now!


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