Lunch @ La Coppola - Oakbrook Road, Sheffield

Tuna, capers and smoked cheese panini - James
Provolone Piccante cheese, plus fresh Italian salad with vinegarette - Jessica

TODAY IS THE DAY when we move to London! This morning has been all about trying to fit as much stuff into the suitcases and bags as possible, and we did it!!

It did mean though that we had to go out and buy a cheap suitcase to do it, but it was much cheaper than buying another train ticket to come back here at some point - so it was worth it! 

So once everything was sorted we came out for our final lunch and cup of coffee in Sheffield (for a year). It's the last place on our Independent Sheffield coffee tour, which has been absolutely amazing to do and it has brought us to places and parts of Sheffield we wouldn't have otherwise have come to. 

It's taught us that although on the face of it, it seems that Sheffield doesn't have a great culinary scene, it is full of fantastic independent places that we believe is unexploited as a tourism opportunity for the city. 

Latte - James, Chai latte - Jessica

And we have ended our tour with one of the best in our opinion. This tiny cafe has just a few tables, which gave it a very personal feel as we were the only people in here for most of the time. The owner was very friendly and we had a quick chat with him about us moving etc. The coffee was soooo smooth and tasty, and so good that Jessica wanted another one!

The paninis that were handmade in front of us were full of flavour and the bread especially which had olives, onion and garlic in it was something different and great to have! 

Cannoli with a lemon cream filling 

So we'll take a walk through Endcliffe Park to end our time in Sheffield, and then we'll be off to the station in plenty of time for our train at 2.50. It's been an absolute pleasure Sheffield! See you next year! 

Food: ★★★★★
Coffee: ★★★★★
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