Lunch @ Dirty Bones, Carnaby - London

Jessica & Charlyn - Chicken & Waffles - 1/2 pile of crispy fried chicken with freshly baked waffles & a shot of maple syrup, topped with a fried egg - £10

It's Bank Holiday Monday and there is no better way to start with a lazy start like we all deserve! Maybe a little bit too lazy.

Today we decided to drag Jessica's sister out of bed and join us for some lunch, or some may call it Brunch (since we didn't eat breakfast) but it is 2pm

Originally we wanted to go somewhere else, but it was closing as their lunch period was over.

Skinny fried with onion & garlic salt - £4 each

So, as James and I discovered where Dirty Bones was from the last time we came to central, we thought that this was a great alternative, as none of us had been here before.

We've seen many an Instagram picture of the food and everyone speaks very highly of it - it was definitely on our bucket list to go to. 

Surprisingly, it wasn't as busy as we've seen it, but we're guessing it's more popular for an evening type dinner. Although it wasn't that busy, we felt the service was slow.

James - Steak & Eggs - dry aged steak chargrilled & served with two free ranged fried eggs & dirty bones smoked tomato ketchup - £14

Although there are many places that serve chicken and waffles, again, none of us has had if before, so this was the moment, we were intrigued. James went for the steak and eggs (we all know now it's his favourite).

Oh how wrong it sounds to have chicken and waffles, let alone a shot of maple syrup all over it - but boy it just tastes so right - no wonder why it's such a thing in America and how late we feel about knowing about this!

Food: ★★★★
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