Lifestyle: We Got a Goldfish!

So a little while ago we were talking about how I, James is a cat person and Jessica is a dog person, and how we agreed to not have either when we're older and living together. Some joke started about all we'd be able to get a goldfish, and well, here we are! 

We took the walk to Kilburn pet shop, Jamunji, to get this little fella, GOLD GOLD!!

Yes we have named our goldfish after a Spandau Ballet classic, so unless you want us to sing to you, I suggest you don't ask us in person what the name of our fish is! 

However, we nearly didn't get him today! When we got to the pet shop, we were told that we would first have to buy a bigger tank than we already have, some chemical thingy thingy and a filter, and then come back in 3 days! That person then asked her colleague who told us that we would only have to wait one day, who then changed his mind and told us today would be okay! 

We were gutted to begin with, but we got our way in the end! All we needed to go was buy a chemical that could go in straight away and an oxygen tablet. So once we had filled the bowl up with water, we left the bag that Gold Gold was in, in the bowl for half an hour and then set him free! 

Such responsibility haha! We now know what being a parent feels like - in constant fear that our dependent will die! This is going to be fun! 

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