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Why the sudden change you may ask? This month marks a very huge milestone in our relationship and to commemorate this event, we have decided to give our blog a whole new makeover, but I'm getting ahead of myself…

WE ARE MOVING IN TOGETHER! Okay,  James doesn't officially move for another two week today, after his exam, but this week is the first proper stepping stone to begin this move – the transfer of the first half of his clothes AND room furniture/decorating shopping in IKEA (Jessica’s favourite part!)

So expect many posts from LONDON, again, getting ahead of myself – James is doing his placement here, in London and of course, it only makes sense that we lived together in this time!

Due to this change in our lives, we also have to make a change with the blog – This blog started off as an innocent visual diary, that Jessica had started to document our life together. Slowly but surely, Jessica started adding little details/story to the pictures and eventually, James joined in, which is how we ended up alternating every weekend (to make it fair).

It’s safe to say that all our life stories were based around the meals we ate during the day, now that we’ll be living together, let’s be honest, due to work and home cooking, writing about our life story everyday will become very repetitive, and we don’t want that, just as much as you.

So on top of the whole moving in, visual change of the blog and validated domain name, we are also tweaking the context – DO NOT PANIC – we promise to make it just as interesting and hopefully even more relatable. We still hope to give you the occasional story update, but you’ll be able to see be updated with our day to day lives on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We will be blog posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, starting from the official week James moves in (so 2 weeks from now), as well as our YouTube upload every other Sunday. Until then, we will continue as normal and slowly proceed with the change.

We hope you enjoy our new layout and context, and we that you continue to share our journey with us.

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